25 Replies to “Sports – Panama”

  1. When I was in middle school and people would ask me where I'm from and I said I'm from
    Panama and they would be like what's that.
    Also, I can't believe I just now discovered this song.

  2. every time this song comes up on my shuffle i'm almost scared to play it because it just gives me so many feelings and makes me so overwhelmed and nostalgic of a time i'm still in and have yet to leave, it brings shivers down my spine but i feel good listening to it at the same time… it's so hard to explain….

  3. I want to buy this album on cd but their website only has the new album available and im mad depressed i didnt buy it while i had the chance

  4. Their guitarist is super good. He carries the vibe in all the songs I've heard so far of this band.

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