28 Replies to “Sports Science tests PGA Golfer Brad Faxon, Part 1”

  1. Best part about golf is the science behind it…..what a fun video…not usually a fan of these sports science clips but love this one.

  2. The jello experiment was rigged. If the ball was not encased in solid jello it would have travelled further due to not having to carry the weight of the attached jello and would have continued rolling after pitching.

  3. Putting the ball inside the jello made no sense whatsoever. If you wanted to simulate it compared to a bunker shot or a shot out of water, you should have just dropped the ball onto the jello. This is like digging a hole in the bunker and then burying your ball..

  4. you know how in other episodes when they introduce the athlete at like 1:00 and they look all tuff he just looked like a 40 yr old dad who works in a cubicle who plays gold on the weekend

  5. i thought this video was going to be about peeing in a perspex box filled with popcorn and a stuffed otter plush toy. disappointed and downvoted

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