38 Replies to “Sports Science: The Science of the Lie”

  1. Grant on Mythbusters was able to beat a lie detector. You need to really convince yourself that you're telling the truth. Being a sociopath or compulsive liar really helps.

  2. Quick reminder that this is the same machine which was created to try and prove that plants had emotions. It can be fooled by anyone who knows how it works

  3. CIA Guy Everytime : Uhhh…. the results say you were lying..? I dont know man the machine isnt perfect!!!

  4. He doesn't only want to win at poker, he also want to win at arguments. I just lied, and that's the truth!

  5. How Epic would it be that the Lie Detector would write DURRED if it was hooked up to Tom Dwan….

  6. Having two high stakes players sit down and play for nothing but science won’t give you a fair representation of what they do. Do I have to do everything?

  7. At least they walked out of there with their hands intact. Good thing DeNiro wasn't running the place.

  8. They should have asked him 50-100 questions, and got the percentages of how often the machine made a mistake.

  9. Daniel's skills is not mainly in bluffing but more so on knowing if the opponent is bluffing. He is more of a lie detector not the other way around.

  10. oh, so "Daniel is out of his element" when seeing some mediocre-looking woman? he gets crazy pussy …a lot more then either of those clowns….

  11. Daniel isn't famous for his bluff, though. He is famous for his ability to read his opponents tells. He is also amazing at the small talk to get all the small details that he needs to know what the person has.

  12. They did the experiment wrong. They should have let Daniel and Phil play for an hour or so while recording everything. Then they should have gone back to the times Daniel bluffed to see what the expert thought without making him answer a direct question. Let the expert find the times when Daniel bluffed.

  13. The should have used Phil Helmuth….He would have failed terribly of course… But at least it would have been more entertaining to watch him melt down over it..

  14. I can look him in the eyes/face and know what cards hes playing

    Meanwhile somewhere with a hive mind synthetic telepathy to investigate

    Meanwhile some courtroom without synthetic telepathy or a 1980s lie detector polygraph

    Meanwhile some courtroom asking a islamic terrorist to swear on A christian bible book for the truth in court

  15. William marston even said that this wasn't a "lie detector " it cannot prove true or false. Its 100% inaccurate lmfao

  16. These so called sport "science" experiments are straight up pseudoscience. The things they are testing are subjective, they don't do proper control test and they don't follow proper steps of a legitimate scientific research.

  17. Its funny cuz Daniel doesn't bluff so much. What he is really famous for is his incredible read of other players. Often he just spells their cards and he turns out to be right.

  18. Daniel was a terrible choice. He doesn’t bluff very often and when he does, since he does it so little, everyone thinks he’s not bluffing. If he were up against the lie detector in a test to see who’s better, that’s a good test.
    Daniel can read your cards even if you don’t pick them up.

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