50 Replies to “Sports Science: Vernon Davis”

  1. Wow what a surprise you are "bracing" to hold someone back by leaning forward so you fall flat on your face as soon as some resistance comes. nice. S C I E N C E !

  2. Why so many comments on Kam hitting Vernon. I mean, he was in the air going up for a pass anyone could hit somebody like that when they are off the ground

  3. That's not true if a d tackle is rushing you then he will probably won't be able to drag him because he is fighting against him that's just how much weight he can pull while running

  4. my man John Brenkus always doing stuff for science. Got pounded by a linebacker and gets pulled by a tight end. check my man is he depressed i think he has suicidal tendencies

  5. I fucking hate this show's editing with its infinite, short replays before even letting us just see the full, actual thing.

  6. bruh everybody knows him just for getting owned I guess he can drag like a building but he can't drag kam 1 yard

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