46 Replies to “Sports – You Are The Right One”

  1. How does this make me feel naked but it’s supposed to be a song u can just drive too but I guess I’m driving naked now

  2. I can’t say thus gives me a happy emotion or a sad one. Id say rather both if that makes sense.
    It reminds me of the summer night 2 Years ago. It was 2 Am and it was foggy so the roads werent as visible. Usually I’d be in the park with friends all night and having fun. Especially with him, but when he took advantage of me it changed. But I was still afraid of letting go for some reason. He bullied me and hurt me and I remember pushing him away and getting off the floor as I ran off into the fog of the road I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I had to go far and far. My eyes were itching from how many tears fell down my cheeks my breathing got hotter and harder. And for some reason this song reminds of this. Anywho I love sports and this song is beautiful.

  3. seriously it's hard to find people to talk with these kind of music….because these songs are like the song for souls only (for me) We or I tend not to talk about my inner playlist…but it would be nice to talk to a person who likes these kinds of music .

  4. Que maravilha de música
    Moro de frente pro mar é tudo de bom viber muito louca vendo as ondas quebrando lá fora🏄😍

  5. i've been into this type of music very much lately, does anyone have any recommendations for similar sounding songs? ❤️❤️

  6. I imagined wearing an oversized T-shirt and dancing to this while holding a drink in my hand and your significant other is staring in amazement

  7. In chilled winter nights sitting in a hot water tub with a glass of wine and this music. Life is perfect.

  8. Im used to listening to sad and depressed music and this one is kinda the opposite yet it still has that melodic sound and im having mixed emotions listening to this

    Update: (4-12-19) i love this song it takes me back to a simpler and joyful time and that was a looong time ago for me

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