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  1. The mountains in Utah are beautiful. Our mountains in PA are much much smaller than what you have but they are very green with all of the trees. It rains a lot here but we have had some hot weather here the pst few days. I am so ready for summer! What are your summer plans?

  2. I Love watching your videos. They always make me feel happy! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Burritos look good! Have you ever put salsa in your scrambled eggs? I love it
    Garett and Ella did fantastic at their events. Its nice to see Brevom and Spencer hangout.

  4. It’s nice to reflect at the end of each day to think of what’s gone well and what you can improve on.

  5. I find your style of vlogging absorbing and engaging. Please use a sun screen when you go to the games. The UV rays from the sun can be insidious.

  6. I've got 3 in soccer and our Rec league only has two game times on Saturday. So I'm pretty much running all over the soccer fields every Saturday, all morning long. Lol I love it though and wouldn't change it.

  7. G'day Garrett & Ella, you both are very good at soccer, thank you for allowing us to come along to your game. Garrett, you have the legs for those marathons, great effort mate. G'day Brevin & Spencer, we think it is awesome that two older brothers can take the time to go out and watch a movie then afterwards grab a pizza and talk about it afterwards, great stuff lads. G'day Jason & Amber, your commitment to your kids sporting events is nothing more than incredible, putting family first is the top of your list and we respect that. We hope that you get to do your hike in August and we hope that you bring us all along?

  8. Can you do a video of
    1.I ordered what the person in front of me ordered.
    2. How you both met?(Amber and Jason)
    3. A house tour.

  9. I just love your videos, you are so down to earth. I really appreciate that you don’t shove your religion down our throats like some of the other LDS vloggers. You are a ray of sunshine πŸ™‚

  10. Congratulations Garrett, your running was fantastic! How did you finish in your standing broad jump? It looked like a good jump. I need to say Ella you did a super job controlling the ball down the side line then cutting into the middle! Way to go Garrett at your soccer game! You guys rock the field!

  11. You guys are very inspirational and everyone in the family ala
    Ways have a smile on their face
    Ly guysπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β€πŸ’•

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