SSTV 19-11 – New Rails and Fencing for Pontoon Boat

SSTV 19-11 – New Rails and Fencing for Pontoon Boat

it's time to fire this thing up the body of water that you're looking at is called Lake Lansing we're here in Michigan and good deal you made it high on genre viscous it's great to have you back on the boat now what I'm tooling around in is a model year 2015 this is called a crest 3 it's a 23 foot triple 2 pontoon boat called the 230 and the seating configuration is called an SLR it's very very nice and what I want everybody to kind of take a look at is the fencing and the rail that's on this boat it's very stylish and the reason that I bring this up is you know our crest pontoon boat project boat that we keep in upstate New York well when that boat was in Florida it went through some heavy storms and the fencing of the rail got damaged and what we're going to be doing today on the program is we're going to take a look at aftermarket rail that's available for pontoon boat owners we also have an incredible factory tour line up where we're going to show you how the product is made and naturally we're going to be heading up New York to do our renovation out today's show is going to so cool it's going to be so informational and here is just an example you you

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  1. This is simply an advertisement to get you to spend money on his show. If you go to you have to pay to see any additional information.

  2. This dude has a bunch of these intro videos that don't show anything except for some intro to a tv show. Misleading titles. Lame.

  3. Fucking waste of time. Mostly the fucking intro and then 2 mins of BS talk and doesn't show shit. douches

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