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  1. Western governments and leftist do gooders should watch this video before allowing the mass immigration of Islamists and jihadis.

  2. That's a very fair point! This could be a new style that none of the fencers here understand in the slightest!

  3. well the fencing may not be much, but at least guinan made a very good point…hmm, good point, I guess she made two good points

  4. Who is to say that guinan is really not a good fencer since we know very little about other than she was characterized as being a sort of enigma on Trek perhaps she is doing a YODA thing and only appearing to be just a friendly bartender. Remember Q
    Did try to warn Picard how dangerous she is.

    This point is made solid by how easy it was for her
    To best someone as experienced as Picard. Well done
    Acting from both actors.

  5. love how obvious whoopi goldberg's stunt double is:D all of a sudden, she gets bigger after a cut, when the game ends:D

  6. @Destructor111 Modern fencing tactics and strategy are designed to game the rules. Much of what we do in fencing would get us killed or severely injured in a real sword fight. I still love fencing though.

  7. @belias360 Their arm motions are too big and they're clearly not thinking in terms of right-of-way. However, they're doing stage combat not fencing, so they really are doing it right.

  8. @dvdragon And what exactly are they not doing right? Footwork is on point, the swordplay looked decent enough, and the lunges looked good. What are they not doing right?

  9. Patrick Stewart knows how to fence, but I doubt Whoopi does. Perhaps the production had to compensate for her lack of skill.

  10. The point of the scene(bad fencing aside), is that Guinan is showing Picard that someone, the Borg in this case, can exploit pity easily and catch you with your guard down.

  11. It's not that much slower than épée, but they are foil fencing. And what's up with the clearly sabre equipment? And, they might just not be saluting because they are only practicing and they are close friends. I only salute when I'm fencing someone I don't know, or when it's a more formal bout.

  12. As far as I can tell, Picard starts out with an épée and switches to a foil at the end guinan always has an épée. An épée also appears in picard's ready room in nemesis.

  13. I love this scene. Picard should have sent Hugh back with the anomaly. You cannot negotiate with the Borg. The only way to deal with someone bent on killing you is to kill them first. Not pulling the trigger with Hugh was a tactical mistake.

  14. Don't fret about the fenciong…Hollywood never cares about accuracy (I've done fencing work witht he induistry before). You can tell it's Whoopi through the mask (they look like modified Santelli sabre masks…appropriate for the time of the shoot).

    You'll never find a totally accutate fencing scene in the industry

  15. HAHAHAHA the end is so stupid! "you felt sorry for me, look where it got you" I am a fencer and they really make fencing look bad :D.

    Done get me all wrong, I really love star trek TNG but… I hate that scene!

  16. I'm a fencer and let me tell you, they suck! Supplimental: Yes, I know it's just for entertainment, but they weren't even trying to make it look real!

  17. a nice bout and sound sense from guinan. I do liek the strip they're om but I think picard was hacking a bit. props for finding this mate.

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