Staying on a Rails | Wakeboarding | How To

Staying on a Rails | Wakeboarding | How To

in this way boarding hexie I opened the door to my friends hey guys Brian Deegan asked why we moved from over there wait why do we move from over there Ashley Marie subscribes to my Chad I'm definitely gonna subscribe your channel oh and we learned how to make it to the end of a round on a wakeboard yeah I think this pro things really starting to go to his head yeah he used to be cool what oh yeah now it's just kind of slaloms up hey guys why are you waking meal because we're bored I wasn't look way forward haha boys funny corn so what can i really help you in we are looking for some tips for wait for you yes let me just put on my clothes and then I'll talk you through some how-to tips it's 5:00 p.m. why isn't he wearing a shirt I don't know it's really weird why did you need us here I just saw would be a good place for you ask me the question okay I keep falling off rails too early you keep falling off rails too early Brian yeah okay here's how to fix that number number one when you hit a rail as we mentioned in the previous video of how to hit a rail link in description you've got to always take a progressive edge the whole way up to the rail don't wait out by the rail so if you're waiting a pon the rail chances are you're being pulled back in towards the cable the other tip I'll give you is if you're cutting in and you're getting a progressive edge but you're still being pulled off on the inside then chances are you're cutting too early I'm just not strong enough so why don't you cut a little bit later a little bit harder and you should make it to the end dandy gee Dave wait why do we move from over there gee Dave I just tried that and that worked well that worked well yeah well I'm delighted for you Brian don't touch me that's good for Brian and all but the complete opposite happens me so what you're telling me Ashley is that when you hit the rail you land on the outside rounding the inside on the outside well don't you fear young yashi let's take a walk and I'll talk you through if you're coming off on the outside why don't you try cutting a little bit earlier and a little bit less hard that way you should make it all the way to the end ah I'll go try that worked really well I made it all the way to the end of the reel all the way to the ends of the rail Ashley yeah Anna even did a 360 seriously yeah I was at rock bottom I know I'm just not anymore I'm delighted for you Ashley I'm definitely gonna subscribe your channel I like that my hand hurts your hand hurts but are you gonna subscribe Thank You Lou I ain't got a clue thanks again for tuning in guys and thanks to my actives Ashley Marie an avid way border and Brian Oh

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  1. ah man, this channel is so underrated honestly. but fair play, you might not mess about as much if you were bigger – i enjoy the results of your creative freedom i must say

  2. Can you make a "How to practise wakeboard on trampoline" video sometime? It would be great for me and other pepole that dont have access to boat or cable that often.

  3. Love your vids man, so good to have a wake boarder that makes videos themselves. Watching all the way from Australia.

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