Steins;Gate Elite OP but it’s Skyclad Observer

Steins;Gate Elite OP but it’s Skyclad Observer

(Kako wa hanareteyuki)
Is the past distancing away? (mirai wa chikazukuno)
Is the future approaching? (Kansokusha wa itsuka)
The observer will eventually become aware (mujun ni kizuku)
of the contradiction (Kami no tsukuridashita sekai wa)
The world created by God (kanzennaru mono de)
is already perfect (zettai no kinkou)
and absolutely balanced (Sore wa orikasanaru guuzen)
It’s a confluence of small coincidences, (uchuu kibo no kiseki)
stacked into an astronomical miracle (Mamoraretekita)
The rules and regulations (gate)
of the guarded gate (kisei wa owatta)
are no more OPEN THE EYES (“Zero” ga kako de “ichi” ga mirai)
“0” is the past, “1” is the future, (“ima” wa dokonimo nai)
but “the present” is nowhere (Somuku koto no dekinu logic)
This is an undeniable logic OPEN THE EYES (Heikousuru musuu no sen)
Among the countless parallel lines, (sentaku wa boutoku e)
I settle on “blasphemy” as my choice (Bokura no “sonzai” sae utagau)
Doubting our very “existence” (Sono me ni utsuru keshiki wa)
those sceneries reflected in your eyes (“Shuusoku” wo suru)
are “converging” and settling down

74 Replies to “Steins;Gate Elite OP but it’s Skyclad Observer”

  1. The song needed to be remixed some or something done to it to make it fit a bit more but definitely top tier edit my man.
    Props to you!

  2. To those who have this, is Linear Bounded Phenogram in it? Is it remade in this animation or the same as the previous release?

  3. You've done a good job. 🙂 Skyclad Observer will always be my favorite Opening theme of Steins Gate.

  4. Open the Gate

    Elite could I say, but not yet enough…. to praise this edit.

    Open the Eyes

    This song is nothing…. but a perfect choice,
    Came from a timeline.. unknown…to date

    Figment of our…… imaginations
    A phenomenon… we have named it ….Steins;Gate

    All a Thrill, Just try… you will not Hate

  5. Wait wait.
    Does Skyclad Observer really say "absolutely balanced"?


  6. I had goosebumps when sky clad observer started playing after operation skuld in Steins Gate elite’s true ending

  7. Chiyomaru Shikura, the guy who owns 5pb, Nitro+ etc., should hire you to make the OP for every visual novel they make. As much as I love the Elite OP done by them, your masterpiece puts their work to shame LOL

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