Stephen Amell bodyweight, parkout, circuit training WWE/Arrow/Turtles

Stephen Amell bodyweight, parkout, circuit training WWE/Arrow/Turtles

well it changes all the time I don't do weights that often I really enjoyed running I really enjoy doing body resistance stuff so I do a lot of chin-ups weird different types of pull-ups abdominal work push-ups handstand push-ups tricep push-ups balancing exercises planking so it's all very functional stuff exactly exactly right um you know the most impressive things that I can do on the show are when I can manipulate my own body weight and that that really is the true test of strength I'm much more impressed if someone can do thirty pull-ups then bench three hundred pounds because one has an actual application in the real world theoretically the other is just for show being an archer requires a really strong back yep if you're putting together a back workout what means would you include and why I would I would work on pull-ups but I would work on them being very controlled you know when I do the Salmon Ladder in the show that's a move where you're swinging and you're using a lot of momentum to create a moment of weightlessness where you then throw the bar up if I were doing it for archery I would focus on on doing a pull-up but keeping a completely even pace where maybe you go up for five seconds and then let yourself come down for five seconds maybe do some lat poles where you are balanced on something be it you know standing and balancing on your feet or balancing on one of those you know big bouncy balls you give me hidden No oh good look this pup pup pup oh nice one go see ya go boom works better not it that's how hate me know there you go push Steve is like 200 pounds so like 200 pounds push it so like 40 feet Steven come on 40 feet you got this come on there you go back down finish it out oh damn it action water knocked down top top one more run it out nice we get up there magma my dad skills not for long

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  1. "I'm more impressed by a guy who can do 30 pull ups than a guy who can bench press 300 lbs."…. I'M SORRY WHAT?!?!?!

  2. Oh wow.. Circuit training looks so challenging.. Very well done.. My workout looks peanut in front of this ๐Ÿ˜‚

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