28 Replies to “STIGA Dynasty Blade Review | Xu Xin Edition”

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  2. Great review. Still want more review about dynasty, especially want comparison with other famous blades such as viscaria and long 5.

  3. 230 $ основание 😩😦. Туда бы ещё накладки Tenergy 05 fx и была бы самая дорогая ракетка в мире) . Жаль, что у меня не будет такой… =(

  4. Which has more control carbonado or dynasty carbon? Dan mentioned that the dynasty is faster . Which of these two can generate more spin?

  5. i got the dynasty carbon penhold xuxin edition and it weight 97g…. it is ridiculously heavy for penhold…

  6. it would be better if you: compared it to other popular carbon blades of similar composition (butterfly, dhs etc), actually used the rubbers it was designed for (DHS FH at least) and had some, even brief commentary on how this is designed as a penhold blade and how that might differ from SH play.

  7. Judging by your vid, this setup has a ridiculously short arc when counterlooping a slow spinny opening loop. It allows some 'illegal' shots, even if the incoming ball is low and loaded with spin. The ball doesn't go long. Looks like this is the main feature of this blade – you spin and counterspin everything that moves.

  8. Why wasn't the Genesis 2 M and S used for this review? It would have been a good opportunity to review them too.

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