STIGA Presents The Journey Through Chinese Table Tennis – Episode 4

STIGA Presents The Journey Through Chinese Table Tennis – Episode 4

this is the journey through Chinese table-tennis on our last day we visited the Beijing province Table Tennis Club which has players like Malang Janna and juicy hyuck the coach of the Provence team said players who lack strength often practice with weights on their legs this was 2 kilos on each leg the child on the left is ranked 5th in China amongst 12 year olds and we got a chance to play against him when the lead was too big he was forced to play with a mini bat however he's still one you you chew up oh yeah Chopra shun-kun since over dasu yo creo young liberation oil show visa to the Pachanga Sutra foolish idea so you're during the afternoon we again visited the China National Team training center this time to watch the entire a team practice as we pass through the hallway there were pictures of former world champions former world champion wang hao watches fan Zhendong close by every player has their own coach who are specialized for their personal needs you in one section of the arena the men's team are practicing and the women's team on the other side tournament trophies are displayed on the wall including the prestigious World Team Championship trophy fan Zhendong receives his carbonado blades the bee squad practices on the floor below you you need to sum up this whole trip it would be difficult and we're taking too many words but I think what I love most about networking and how everything was such a great infrastructure from the schools the Chinese national team how everything had a part of everyone involved in plays and I think how it's incredible how trying to make each department like high performance employment environment where you know in the schools is such a level where people improve twelve-inch national team and such a great progression for everyone which creates motivation inspiration and just so much incredible yeah I think one of the reasons why China is so successful is because everyone in China laughs again doesn't matter how old your or how good you are you're always you can always find someone to play with lovely game is the most important thing to have to succeed with anything I really do think that China loves again

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  1. maybe don't use mini bats when there are no TT newcomers? It's a club full of pro TT players. Mini bats are just stupid.

  2. Thx for the series guys. Very interesting. 1 question? What are the quickfire questions about? For example 'World Champion or Olympic?' Does this mean would you rather be world or olympic champ or would you rather face a world or olympic champ? Sweden or Germany? Who is the better team or who would you rather play against?' Thx again. Laters TTLovers.
    PS: I have a sore elbow from TT atm and have been icing it. Then I see Fan Zhedong icing his also. Cool. I'm not so much a loser. lol.

  3. Wow incredible that he would consider the best server in the world to be Shang Kun. I have never heard of him before this!

  4. I have been to china (shanghai).. Most people don't care about Table Tennis… I was shocked to see people's reaction towards our sport.. They love football and basketball not TT…

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