STIGA Table Tennis – 75th Anniversary

STIGA Table Tennis – 75th Anniversary

everything began in the forests of Sweden in the year of 1944 when the first blade from Steiger was crafted the beginning of a 75 year old journey started as the years went by the reputation and product range of Steiger increased between the years of 1957 and 1979 a total of five world championships was played on our expert vm tables during the 1960's almost every school and household in Sweden owned a Steiger table in 1963 Steiger employed a man named shel your aunt's who in the next couple of years would be known worldwide as the hammer he won the World Championships in doubles in 1967 1969 and 1973 together with Han Sasha and Stella and banks are of all the Steiger blades throughout history there are three special ones which have stood out among the rest in 1984 Bengt bands Tegan becomes CEO and the company is relocated to Eskilstuna just one year later at the world championships in Gothenburg Sweden former national coach wolf Deacon Carlson won gold in the men's doubles one of Sweden's biggest achievements in any sport came in 1989 by the Steiger sponsored national team when they finally broke through the Great Wall of China and defeated the four year reigning champions with five matches against zero this marked the beginning of a new era where Sweden won three consecutive gold medals in 1993 Steiger signed yer girl young and in 1996 he won China's first Olympic gold in men's singles at the World Championships in 1999 new became the second man to achieve a career Grand Slam of three major titles by winning gold in the men's singles the same year as you crowned his career with a Grand Slam former CEO and president nuts man Stephen takes over the management in 2003 estiga sighs a ten year contract with a Swedish national team that contract gets extended for another seven years in 2013 between the years 2009 and 2013 Steiger signs with top players jujin fan Zhendong so you lang and chang moon with all of them at some point being ranked number one in the world Stiga decides in 2010 to open a subsidiary in China and former player Huang doorway takes over as general manager in 2012 the world veteran Championships is held in Stockholm and is played on a total of 133 Steiger tables during 2013 and 2015 the Stiga head office expanded with two new 4400 square meter buildings one of the buildings being a new production and research area during 2014 Steiger released the carbonator series these blades are as of now 2019 being used by several players ranked top 10 in the world in 2016 the board appointed andreas undred as new CEO in January 2017 Stiga opens a subsidiary a Japan Mentor Ohio Kawa becomes general manager 2017 the new Steeler Sports Arena in Eskilstuna holds its grand opening and in connection with the 2018 World Championships in Hampstead Sweden this is also where the Chinese national team jool is to have their official training camp in November that same year Steiger launches its own e-commerce making Steiger products more available for everyone

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  2. Proud Stiga user, as an amateur player, since 1989. I'm in my fifties now, so seldom play with friends… but still my gear is Stiga. Cheers from South America.

  3. I love Stiga brand. I use Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin. Do you still manufacture any blade in Tranas? I have a modern Alser Carbon 7 and you can read “Made in Tranas” in the handle.

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