Still Woozy at Outside Lands 2019 – Talks Fence Jumping, EP ‘Lately’, New Music

Still Woozy at Outside Lands 2019 – Talks Fence Jumping, EP ‘Lately’, New Music

b-sides on-air on location outside lands
2019 we are here with the wonderful and fabulous still woozy what’s up dude how are you my friend I’m good just finished with him I said
I’m all done I’m just gonna chill hang out my friends I’m surprised you’re not
sweaty and just like on a high right now or is this your high I know yeah I’m
just chilling I mean we played a couple hours ago so I’ve just had some time to
relax right there’s a lot to talk about especially cuz your local guy outside
lands have you been outside lands before and what was who was that first band
that brought you here you know I think it wasn’t a band that brought me I’m
just like I’ve grown up like seeing this happen and I’ve been here I hopped the
fence like a couple years you know just like what I what about doing that was me
yeah so sorry outside landside romeo one no I don’t
remember it was like 2007 or 2008 yeah yeah it was way way back then but I
don’t know I sound like Rodrigo y Gabriela and I saw who else did I see I
was just walking around I remember running into the someone from
Mythbusters yeah and it was just like that was my first so every day I met it
was like first Festival for celebrity amazing and I’m just walking around it’s
just crazy to walk around people watch you have this EP now lately which is
amazing Indian lava is one of my favourite songs on there how long did
this take to make and and then what what was your mindset in approaching that
it’s just that yeah I mean I think I I wanted to put hey I wanted to put out
like a body of work you know cuz I’ve just been releasing singles for so long
and so I wanted to do something that was a little more like you know a
compilation kind of so yeah I don’t know I just like it just it took me like
whatever you know it’s over the last year a bunch of songs like I’ve made so
many songs but like you know I just kind of like picked and assembled things that
felt fun and tried to get the flow right on the tracks and yeah I mean it was
just I’m glad it’s out and now onto onto new stuff so yeah yeah so far so good
you play Coachella you play Governor’s Ball oh yeah Capitol Hill block party
was so fun people really turned up not bad for a kid from
Moraga former Eagle Scout hell yeah no you die
and so forth right yeah this is your environment yes my stomach ground I
think that that’s the first thing that people talk about when they talk about
still woozy and it’s the live performances because it’s not just you
but you have a few folks with you that’s and friends that have that energy that
that creativity where did you come up with that I’m just like I don’t know I
just want to have fun when I go to show so I want to have fun when I play a show
and people will kind of catch on and have fun with us you know so yeah I
there’s enough fans I just like are just you know staring down at their feet or
just like not really acting or interacting with the crowd at all and I
just you know I don’t really vibe with that in general I feel like the crowd
it’s like only fun when there’s just like a experience between like a
relationship between you in the crowd as each festival has come your way how have
you elevated your game or are you becoming more comfortable on that type
of stage now yeah definitely I mean I don’t know it’s just people like people
are there just to have fun you know and like it’s so my so it’s like it’s
there’s no stress if it’s just like it’s like what people are like you’re not
worried about people having fun it’s just like it just happens if you have
fun so yeah so it’s not really stressful in this I think up and up my game it’s
just like we just want to bring in like you know things like visuals and lights
and smoke machines oh no I’m just like just making it more
like high-tech what about what about plans for new music obviously the EP
just came out I’m sure but there must be something brewing right yeah of course I
mean I have like a couple tracks and I’m working on but I also just cycle I want
to get in the studio and just shed you know and just like work I’m like that’s
where I’m most comfortable probably yeah I just like you know the stage is so fun
and I like I love dancing I love having fun with the crowd and with my bandmates
but I really just love being in the studio and just working on stuff like
everyday you know like ideas will come up I need to be working like constantly
you know like to just to flash all this stuff out it just starts to drift up
from the subconscious that point when you’re just like you’re just like so in
in the zone I love the vibe that you guys that you
and your team have put together is anything it’s chill it’s yeah in a way I
feel I feel like there is a Bay Area sound to it you know like there’s a
malformation of all the different influences around here you know sure
yeah one final question yeah is a big
Facebook group that has two million people signed up to go storm area 51 oh
and see what’s up with the aliens I don’t know what’s up with you I am down
to find that very curious I’m so curious are you kidding I’ve quit I think I’ve
seen a UFO really I don’t know if I don’t know I was like in a tent and I
like I saw these three lights but I don’t know if it was just a tent like
kind of warping the light or something but I’ve also I don’t know I think I
believe there I think with the how big the universe is there’s like there’s
gotta be extraterrestrials I mean there’s got to be there’s probably like
thousands of parallel universes with us during the same it’s a little bit
different I don’t right so there’s got to be a Lian’s up yeah and maybe they’re
here maybe they’re not but I I don’t know are you gonna go September 28th up
with you then all right hell yeah we’re gonna do this together alright I might
not be there but we’ll see you I gotta check my schedule really appreciate the
time yeah great to see you here and best of luck with everything still woozy
watching the b-sides on air

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