Stock fencing, The way uncle Jack taught me

Stock fencing, The way uncle Jack taught me

back on the fencing again today not visiting the parents mother's hospital or not very well so I'm going there tonight so I make use of daylight errors today we're good purpose and fencing that I'm a bit more used to box standard normal stock fence let's go this is the bit we completed yesterday the ground on this slope isn't as hard as on the top so I did manage to get it nice and tight in the end I got the cut it once but we're at the straight off this one post up here I'm taking it off yet but I just show you for in case you're interested I have to pull the top part of the fence up here I decide to go off this post so the chance for a some of the weight because the grains softer I'll put a diagonal across and just nailed him on got to take that off later on because I might need it further down there so we pulled up on that post I've got that bit tight tacked it and then I pulled up on the bottom and now he's all nice and well I wouldn't call it piano wire again these are six foot posts this is four foot a wire so we've already got four or five inches at the grain which is what I wanted right then box standard normal stock fence high tensile again so still give me some phones because I've got twists and bends and we know how much we like twists and bends but let me go so this banjo and doing though cuz it gets to our stream so I'm assuming the neighbors gonna fence its own as well just gotten braces we're gonna put our own up I don't my cattle industry really or sheep or nothing else so this is the stuff we'll put it up see we get on with this gar bees that are the small square stuff gobby I'm gonna put in there right this isn't all you this is no more stock fence so you've got the big squares at the top and the small squares at the bottom now if I was fencing for sheep it's quite like I would put this fence what you would call upside down sheep will put their heads to it normally that's why stick their heads through just give me a bit this one here to try and reach the tasty door nugget just that site and invariably they get the red stuck so if I was doing four sheep and we put the fence upside down so they're gonna put their face through it they're gonna go through this one and this one something they can get their heads out of but I don't like sheep we have the right ear this is predominantly for cattle so I want to deter other beastie is coming in as much as my cattle get out so as far as dogs badger I go underneath it if he wants to but other beasts is getting in I'm going to put the fence up the way it's designed with the small squares at the bottom but that's the process you need to go through if you're a fencing for sheep and especially if you're new to this you got to think about it especially if you got something with horns or big ears or a wide head and Nurik neuromas or sometimes you were actually better off so in this war upside down which then came to intuitive but it could save you're coming out and finding a dead sheep or a stuck sheep shall we say yeah so we're gonna tack on that post up there catching up to this one we got a slight change in grain level here so I don't know if we're gonna take it a might have to cut it here I don't want to never a good idea to cut where does he really really have to but you know what here's what it is like it's good we don't want of it alright then so I go join this to here do I take off a few more ease I think wrapping round of it so easy that comes off I do abuse my tools a bit I'll get off come back for that later so now I got a bit more to work with look a bit right so same as usual I'm only actually gonna staple the top wire for now they might put my birthday right she sews tape with the top where I only tension the top wire first because if you nail all these day in here now especially high tensile that's it you're set you're up and down all over the place do just the top one tension the top one all the way down come back and do the middle and bottom and those time-consuming but it means you end up with the fence a bit more like that I've gone around the post so I've got some friction on the poster so stay put in here bending back on himself and there stay put again so I can pull that pretty tight I haven't used the t-grip force because you know what I don't think I like them I actually think they look pretty I think this is still stronger you may disagree with me that's up to you but yeah it's going to take that never try to do too much in one go so I tacked up the let's just wait stop my flopping over nothing that's gonna stop sheep right okay so this is where I could do another pair of arms really because I need to pull it tight the other side and then nail it from this I might have to just trim this wire off so I can get to both sides but we basically got our first level I reckon and I can go one more one more on the Potters so next decision this is predominantly for Dexter cow which is short a cut off but in the future we may have we're thinking maybe there were some short forms this is the reason why these posts are it's higher so we're gonna have at least one strand of barbed wire on here and Electric up to this point here roughly so we can keep bigger cat in as well the stock net is just in case we have sheep here I've got a neighbor okay she wants a bit of grazing if I've got plenty I'll share it with him okay start tacking that but I know if any of you professional fence employees still advocate knocking you're steep was in tight put all the stress and tension on there what you put in sorry I'm generalizing a lot put in what they call big box textures tension areas and put all the tension of the wire on the ends and then staples in the middle of slack so the wire can move that is definitely one way of doing it and nothing wrong with that personally this is just a way my uncle taught me 30 years ago if I nail every weren't tight the wire is all of one material it is going to stretch and move all at the same rate so shrinkage and stretching all at the same rate so if I can equalize the strain and pressure on every single post instead of just the ends I don't need big pocket editors and every post takes its share if one breaks the to either side will take up the slack and I can replace it so agree with me or not this is just the way I do it well then so I've got the top were straight I've got the fence out I'm now pulling up each individual one of these one at a time on the back with the persuader this is probably one of my favorite fencing tools it's not expensive really simple and it does a great job lined up Oh so this post in the corner might say in sloppy but no one's going to see this so where the way looks a bit untidy and I grant you it does look a bit untidy I'm not concerned about this at the post I'm concerned about what you can see from that site I'm more importantly concerned is it stock proof is this gonna hold stop back and I already know the answer that because I've been doing this for years right next so I'm stapling this with the end of that so one stable does two jobs pretty much getting a second one there one there obviously got some ends to tie you up make it nice and safe in case mr. trespasser decides to use this post to get in and cut himself and then sue me I'm sure you've all heard of occupiers liability it's something I'm thinking of covering later on on the side of trees I was asked yesterday actually if I could do a bit more about the tree side of what I do being a qualified arborist so I might I might do that I might do a couple of videos that information for landowners if you own land you possibly own trees in today's society of elfin safety and risk and suing people for your treatment me I could maybe do some guidance on how to look after your trees record-keeping well that sort of stuff so if anybody ever gets hurt and decides to take you to court you can go you're a mile or use on my record keeping and on my pictures and all my survey results you don't actually have to employ an expensive arboriculture list to do your tree surveys that's a few but you can do it yourself if you believe you're a competent person in common sense and bear in mind most people who work in the countryside know more about trees and the judge does so maybe I'll do that let me know if you're interested cool well then so far a bit of tidying up on the end which I couldn't do on a rainy day and they will come back and do it promise this bits finished so every one of those wires there in the mind only the top wire has been tightened down there and the only other stake I've nailed to so far is this one so only the top wire on all of this is done it's all tight so I am now know I've done this and the first stake and I've got my line and I got my levels row on it I'm no good day and I will put some tension on on the bottom wire I might actually just do it with the persuader because it's grains reasonably level this might just be enough just to pour that extra inch has to tighter I don't want that laying around something eating it getting stuck in it or anything else with it biscuit come here you good like you said only the top where has actually been tensioned so far nothing at the bottom hen you were a day near there's been nailed stapled so we're going to come off this post a minute we're going to that strain it in there because I'm changes is a bit of a sharp angle here there's a slight angle Dana again and then on a rain and hopefully they're going to get to that post down there it's Sunday so I'm not gonna go mad at it so I'm gonna do one two three that one for us so not starting at the very bottom because I don't need to see that pull that tight these will pull back a little bit they're bound to but we've got them all stapled ain't gonna get much more out of that so you didn't put that much at all really because I've got most of the strain on this he's holding it I started puffing blow again didn't realize I'm such a heavy breather and I get hot obviously then when I was editing that up there so basically now I've set this level the grains going down slightly that way if this war won't accept that I'll have to cut it in and reset again I could have just kept the top where a Titan gone named but it would have been somewhere at any area there would have been a slack bit I don't like slackness I'm not putting this up to be pretty not so much back garden with the neighbors they're gonna go this is farmer fencing mate okay so see I've taken a bit look at that hey Lloyd manatee glad to see it you know what for 16 quid or wherever it was off eBay I looked up the proper ones about hundred and ten does a good job right so I can stay there because all I gotta do now is tack up the rest of it for a section ten all taped and up nice and tight so the second strand unfortunate is not straight it's all a wiggly bendy loading there's no straight bit at all so I am NOT going to get this as tight as that or at the top it's just not gonna happen so we've tightened up I put the strainers on the top the bottom of the chain puller and they've got the word pretty much tight all the way the only bit of slack I've got is just there and I've got to decide whether or I'm going to let that fly I could sleep with this background in and bacon pull him up a bit tighter so it's doable I don't think it's worth cutting the wire to lose that little tiny bit of slack I'm gonna have to live with it I think so so anyway so this is tight so I'm just gonna or tight enough I'm just gonna nail it up and I've done probably a good time to go double or four times speed expect I said we GoPro blacks we're not a battery so back on the old hero it sold last longer a point nurse they've got the wire on the back side of the posts so wherever the wire is pulling it's pulling against the post and not against a staple so we have a couple of dry summers late last year these are pull out on the tension like this if I try to pull that tight the word be trying to just pull it's our fake you know what we mean I might end up putting a rail across there or a piece of chain hold that state back all right then so I reckon we're almost ready for a little wire we can go on it that way just need to go go back up the farm and get it because we're not anticipating getting this far today I'm going to tack up the rest of these and then we'll maybe look at doing that one at there

23 Replies to “Stock fencing, The way uncle Jack taught me”

  1. For anyone else looking for a “Persuader” !!

  2. Jack have done lots of barb wire fences but never a woven wire fence if get a want to put one up like your way doing it.

  3. That's a nice day's work,…I was noticing how the lens on your GoPro distorts the wires, when you're close to them. It makes it look like the wire has gone slack. But, we know the difference of that!

  4. Good to see Biskit back Out!
    The fencing has been made to look easy…Great job…thanks for the lessons.
    Looking forward to all your videos in 2019….

  5. We have length of wood with bolts and nuts you sand with the wire and winch the stock fence tight it tights tight . We hammer staples all the way in too how our dad taught us to stock fence . The tree vids will be great ☺

  6. Good video have you ever thought about investing in a fencing clamp? You could pull the fence in one go and get it really tight

  7. Another nice video farmer P. The only advantage to those gripples I've found is there fair quick to install and less staples when joining a new roll… but I'm still not fully convinced 😂. I'm gonna have to look for one of those helper bars, I end up using a hammer or bar which I don't realy like 😣.

  8. Great video Ian. I have done both methods of tensioning, the box strainer method and long pull is only good if the ground is nice and level. Those red pulling tools are great, handy also for working with barbed wire and doing repairs.

    Id be very intrested in your video of tree assessment, an area that toutches on my own work ( self employed head gardener for a large public opening estate and also running a number of other large private gardens).

    On my estate we subcontract the tree safety surveying out , however since it is only done yearly i invariably pick up on a lot of work in between times and also things that escape the tree report.

    Personally i like to do one of my own walk arounds in the very early autumn as i can deduce quite a bit from fungi and looking at the crown for dieback or reduced vigour.

  9. Always enjoyable to watch someone "build" a fence. My grandfather was a lineman (Bell Telephone) before power augers so he taught me how to dig regulation correct holes (corner posts were six feet deep). We are witnesses of substandard construction having Amish neighbors unable to keep their stock in and wonder why. We say with a smile, "they are out again!"

  10. Interesting watchin how other people do fencin 🤔 we always put a strainer post in at every change o direction an change o elevation, an strangely in Scotland we always use square posts🤔 😳 but when I was runnin stock farm in England used round 🤔 how far are u between posts we always were 4 yards but urs looked a bit more, Happy New Year to u an ur family 🥂🥂

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