Storming Spain's Razor-Wire Fence: Europe Or Die

Storming Spain's Razor-Wire Fence: Europe Or Die

37 Replies to “Storming Spain's Razor-Wire Fence: Europe Or Die”

  1. for what is really going on watch Lauren southern documentary, these people are not poor people there the middle/working class in there country and they should build their county up not go some other place, sadly all these idiots keep telling them its so good here in Europe.

  2. See? The Dr has it right. This is a self-inflicted would. Don’t storm the fence, you won’t get hit…and you won’t wind up in the hospital.

  3. You can’t support your family in your country? Well, here’s a suggestion. Stop breeding like rabbits. Let’s face it, if that’s the only reason you have for leaving your country…THEN ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STOP BREEDING. Problem solved. If you still insist on coming to MY COUNTRY, then the cost of passage should be to get spayed/neutered. Don’t come to my country, breed like rabbits…and turn it into the same shit hole you"ve just left.

  4. Ok. So you set up a migration camp by NATIONALITY…but, we’re expected to let illegals into our respective countries? Shit, these ppl can’t even live in a camp together, how the HELL do you think they’re capable of leaving a 3rd world country and entering into society in an advanced country?

  5. I know each person severing has a country .the is no a better place to be than in your soil no matter wat am from somalia I stayed the for the forever and guess wat things are getting better for me and I hope one day I will be proud of my mother land. Man should be the master of his destiny 🇸🇴

  6. When they finally get into Europe, the first thing they want to do is become a gangster. Look at Sicily.

  7. People of Europe occupied African countries and stole their resources and built capital..I don't believe they are prosperous because of science

  8. Go home! If you want to Europe, come *legally*… Only come if you are of a high skill! Like a doctors or lawyers or engenieers etc. We should be like the Japanese system

  9. Land mines and machine guns will have to be used. Just as in WW2. To keep from stepping on a mine or being blown away by machine guns simply don't try to climb the fence.

  10. Okay I get it, refugees are very troublesome but treating them with such brutality is so inhumane 🙁

  11. This documentary seems to blame la Guardia Civil for protecting the Spanish border from these invaders; isn't Spain allowed to guard their own borders, protect their own citizens, and make their own decisions on who they allow into their country? These "refugees" appear to come from all over sub-Saharan Africa. If they're fleeing their countries because of political or religious persecution; aren't they supposed to ask for asylum at the first country they come to? Are these "refugees" country shopping? If Morocco is the first country they enter, and Morocco is not persecuting them for their religious or political believes, then maybe Morocco is where these people should be seeking asylum, not Spain or any other European country! The fact that these people are wanting a better life is irrelevant. Everyone wants a better life, but no one has the right to enter my house, eat my food, or take my stuff! The agenda of these producers is clearly to promote open borders in the age of failed states, and international terrorism. The left is the same in Europe as it is in the US, and the goal clearly, is to destroy Western Civilization by any means necessary. Sadly they fail to realize the damage they're doing to all humanity.

  12. Climate change… Its still hot in Africa as it always was.
    Stop having 9 kids and read a book, learn something.

  13. flood of refugees is caused by globalists triggering chaos for worlds takeover. The now unstoppable flow is caused by massive incompetence and corruption of stupid politicians. Take out the leaders like Sorros, then work on the restoration plan. If not addressed this unrest will lead to global catastrophe.

  14. D onus shld be on d country frm which d refugees came from to create jobs opportunities and provide their citizens wth a better way of life. Not blame any european countries for guarding their borders. It is d height of stupidity fr any country to just allow any comers free access into their motherland. This video clip is trying to muster sympathy and support fr d refugees wthout analysing it's implications towards d hosts country. D reporters are very lopsided in their assessments. Why don't they instead go to d refugees homeland and interview their own leaders and ask them what r d plans and policies they hve drawn up to help their their own people. What is a homeland for? Some refugees claim they are intellectuals and there are many among their ranks who try to enter Europe d illegal way. Why don't they stay back in their native country and use their intellect to help in d construction of their own country. Why be a burden to others instead of being an asset to yr own nation ? One can go on and on but there's no point. D more I watch d video d more I support the European countries sovereign right to defend their borders by whatever means.

  15. With all due respect, what are European states & tax payers supposed to do with a continual flow of these people when we have insufficient homes, jobs, schools, welfare expenditure & health care etc for the indigenous citizens.


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