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  1. In the sub-titling at ~1:40, are you misspelling tighten on purpose (titan)?? I dunno, maybe it’s a bible thing?

  2. when his son road out to raise the wire he used his hand. bad idea if wire breaks or slips. use an old stick

  3. Great strainer. Have you compared it with the kiwi Aussie Hays 108 strainers. Would be interesting.

  4. barb wire is so unnesacery anymore , use thick barbless wire an tensioners , it's a 100 times easier and better

  5. have my corner braces like in your video. The wire is getting loose, how can you tighten these areas safely without the board twisting and injuring arm, wrist or hand? Great video..Horn Up!!

  6. Man you have helped me several times! Thanks from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Europe Portugal!

  7. Sir you need to do an Aussie strainer to anchor off. Then it will last longer.
    I like your alternative way to doing a tension of a wire.

  8. Red brand is 70.00 dollars per quarter mile roll! So be prepared to spend money for good fencing material

  9. I would like to get the link on Amazon to find that black hook for the come along to hook on the wire without damaging. I cant seem to find it anywhere. I cant find your link for it. Thank you

  10. Something that helped me quite a bit with stretching (never could get my wires as tight as others) once you have it tight with the come along, pull the wire about 1/3 around the post then grab with your fence pliers, claw side to the post and use the leverage to cheat the last bit tight. If you place your leveage point right, it won't be too hard to pull but you will have enough touching the post that you can easily hold the tension by hand and finish your wraps to tie off. Done properly, you can realease the wire from the eyelet on your come along after loosening it one click and your fence will remain as tight as when you have the come along attached.

  11. I'm only running about 500 ft a side. How much tension should I pull on my wire. I made T post ends and pulled hard enough to bend the posts. I guess that was too hard. Stop right before it bends I guess.

  12. I've watched a couple of your videos now, and I'd like to take the time to say Thank You for the Word. There just isn't enough of it in the world. Be Well! 😉

  13. I have unfortunately just found your page, I love it. Laying on my back after back surgery and needing to be fencing, I felt like living vicariously through someone else. I spent many years living in western ND, you make me miss it.

    However… you have fully stripped me of my manhood! Twizzlers?!? Really 🤨 I must now move to the city, sell my saddle, trade my old truck for a Prius and brake my fishing poles. Twizzlers make me nauseous (granny gave me too many on long road trips as a kid and caused car sickness) and yet you say I’ll never be a real cowboy or fisherman without them…

    Oh well , maybe the Lord will make an exception.

    Keep up the good Word, and thank you for the beautiful scenery of my beloved Badlands!

  14. You should have completed the Hbrace , with a kicker brace , BEFORE you ever started stretching BWire !

  15. You're absolutely right about not cheaping out on your wire. Neighbor across the road put in about 3/4 mile of fence several years ago and thought he had got a great deal on wire. By the second year it was breaking if a cow even looked at it wrong. It'd break when he tried to tighten loose sections. He fought it for 5 years before he gave up and put up new wire.

  16. As handy as that wire pulling eyelet is, nobody local carries it! I only tried Runnings and TSC though

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