Straining Fence Wire with Modified Fencing Pliers

Straining Fence Wire with Modified Fencing Pliers

right today we are going to fix this fence with this marvelous invention of Leon's you want about a meter yep we just put a loop in why yep put the other one through give yourself about 8 or 10 inches you can't get up straighten him up a little bit pull him down like so grab your fault there the plier they've got that special yeah I'll get a close-up of that later wrap him up a bit what exactly too short oh no she's hooked up over there right left another six or $700 I should have left the longer tail isn't that all the poly pipe laying on top of it you put the heel of the pod on the on the tail and you put the the tang let's hang em Fran and you just pull it around like that and then you straighten that piece out a fraction you grab another bite grab the heel in there close and see how it works yeah wheel it into the straightening that will break that war if I keep down take the fifth because it's number rate tensor more of that just make sure all the protrusions and stuff are out of the way or it'll rip this off but it's got to make sure that you go good hand on those pliers because it will slip the these pliers you can see how much tension going on there now I'll have to get another bite don't break the bloody thing I'm not gonna get another head only hey I think that's enough yeah all right you start now and then just bite that beer with the pliers right in closing it twist it up pull it back like that wrap it up walk away yep very simple very easy who needs of bloody strainers nice Tramp at the field of oil tension a good Anya no sauce we'll play some of this buddy yeah what I've done just get a regulation pair pliers you have to this doesn't work so well on lighter wire like number 10 it just works anything smaller won't because of the gap where my finger is about 25 mil from a nose weld a 3 3 8 stainless bar up about half an inch when you've welded it chop it off get a rat tail foil chainsaw foil file a grooving round like that so your water slips around too easy you don't need change pensioners all you need is a bit of wire playing war number eights good go fencing happy fencing Thanks

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  1. i saw this and tried it and it has become the straining tool i use first so much quicker than strainers ,i welded a cut in half nut on the hammer end of fencing pliers to use them as is more leverage ,works well

  2. Don't know why but is mesmerrising. I'm going to try it on smaller pliers so it can be used for smaller gauge wire.Thanks really great.

  3. Onya mate!  I figured there would have to've been some great Aussie bush ingenuity that solved this problem in the past. Just what I was looking for. 🙂

  4. What a great idea….I will be modifying my fencing pliers I have up at my farm…thanks for the tip Chris


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