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  1. Although I do not know you personally, we are brothers in Christ! I am committing to pray for you and your family on a regular basis. May the Lord bless your health, your family and finances beyond measure! May the Lord open doors you never thought possible! Thank you for sharing your fencing tips. It has helped me out a great deal.

  2. Luke may the Lord bless you with your good health and your family I wish you the very best. I think you again for all the tricks show the trade that you show the folks thank you

  3. So sorry for your illness! Lifting you up in prayer!!! I know the struggles with illness and finances and trying times…

  4. hope you get better soon. i know that the animals eat every day and someone has got to look after them ! nise videos and happy new year!

  5. I saw a hog hunting video and the bard WIRE looked to have numder
    9 wire running up between strands
    Between post..
    Have you ever seen this

  6. Just found your site. Enjoyed the video very much since I also have extremely old fencing wire on the perimeter of my property. Being a nurse, I have had patients that have gone through what you have. The Lord has blessed you and you are very strong. May he continue to bless you and your family and keep you strong and able to work on your Homestead.

  7. Just discovered your channel. Great video that really helped me out. Praying for your continuing recovery.

  8. Your a good steward of the land. I enjoy the videos. I'm a police officer and have a cattle spread also. I have been building up my herd on land I grew up on that my grandfather left me and made every step he did on these fences that I was definitely blessed and grateful for that my grandfather left to me when I came home from multiple deployments in the Marines. I know what your going through with equipment breaking down. All my equipment and trucks are old and worn out but I don't guess I would want it any other way. I'm solo 99 percent of the time. Where do you find a woman who is as much in love with agriculture and working the land as you do? Most women I have found are materialistic and looking to get you sunk in debt on a house in the middle of a city a thousand miles away. Which I'm not going down that road. I'll just keep checking fences and hope an pray for better days. Sorry for the vent. God bless.

  9. Keep up the good fight. Eat well. drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Glad to hear you are improving though I'm sure not fast enough to your liking. Love your videos!

  10. Sorry to hear about your health Luke! I pray God will see you through. He only tries the ones he loves.
    Thank you for the video!

  11. The same way of stretching can be done with a framing hammer as well 😊 thanks for another great video. Keep up the good work!

  12. Great repair video !!! A pastor friend once did a sermon on the trials that we go through without getting into great detail the main point of his sermon was to keep walking and that's but we all need to do no matter what the trouble just keep walking

  13. Thanks Luke for the video. My family will also be praying for your family. Father in heaven I pray for Luke and his family. Lord you know there needs and I pray that you bring them comfort father. I pray you strike down the enemy father in all things. I pray lord that your power and Holy Spirit will rain down on us father and bless Luke and his family Lord. We thank you and praise you for the mercy and grace you bestow among us. Give Luke strength and health Lord and allow Luke to continue sharing the good Word of God and leading his family in truth. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen. Luke we will continue praying. We have your back brother.

  14. Were you checked for Lyme Disease too? That can do some similar things but often no one tests for it.

  15. Luke sorry to hear about last 3 years. Thanks for your videos I actually watched your 50 year brace video yesterday when I was fencing thanks again and God bless you

  16. Hey brother! New sub here from just earlier today, I've been Bldg commercial chain link for the last forty years…. Miles and miles of post and b/w. Enjoy your videos and I will join with you in believing you're healed. I might suggest colostrum …. Don't know if it will help, but you never know. First milk is a very powerful substance

  17. Thank you for the great tip. Sometimes a pair of pliers is all we've got. That little girl's smile is sunshine in January. Good Bless.

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