STS 1000 Target Camera – 1 Mile Test – Long Range Target Camera

STS 1000 Target Camera – 1 Mile Test – Long Range Target Camera

what's up long-range shooters thanks for joining if you're new welcome this is Kenneth me July's shooting today if you're looking for a long-range camera system solution for shooting long range of senior impacts we're going to be trying out the STS long-range camera system this was sent to me by MIG which is measuring greens a good friend of mine today we're gonna be pushing the limits at one-mile seeing how this thing does stick around [Applause] so this is the STS long-range 1000 camera system sent to me by MIG is a simple camera transmitting device that doesn't use an app all it does is it transmits a Wi-Fi signal using a 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi access point in the IP camera do a little bit beyond a mile this camera is able to produce a 720 resolution transmitting a 2.4 gigahertz to a 9 inch TFT monitor receiver the camera also has a built-in infrared lighting system that activates on a sunlight sensor so in this package you'll receive two decent tripods the Wi-Fi access point transmitter long-range antenna the camera itself and the TFT monitor also included is the two charges for the battery packs now to mitigate the risk of me hitting this camera because it is kind of expensive I'm using a 10 inch gong and I mount it on a spider style tripod the only thing exposed is they attend a wire and the attendant itself one thing I would upgrade is a longer SMA cable for the antenna to put it further out so let's see how well this thing does at one mile how well it transmits and there's any issues at all looks like we got an impact awesome I love you guys can see that one right here okay so one of the downsides on this system is that there's no sound on it but the impacts do come in pretty clear so I got one on the top left quadrant and that was me holding a left side of plate and we're on this wobbly a stable so you see if I get another one on on plate impact alright I don't know if you guys can see that right there on the water line left center plate I was holding dead center that so let me come over one click right well this heats is wreaking havoc on all of my electronic equipment even my phone's overheating and it looks like the camera is still up and going but looks like the pole either fell or something I'm looking up at the target now on the monitor here so Lisa I'm on target I know exactly where my impacts are and pretty sure I won't hit this thing big so we'll go another five more shots and head up to the target and we'll check it out at the bottom right there do one more see if I can just hit the target impact can't tell where's that but that was an impact alrighty we're gonna call that good three impacts and they got to pretty close shots you know not the best shooting conditions today so the barrel does start the walk after it gets pretty hot so that's exactly what it's doing but at one mile the 6'5 cream or seems to be holding up and this STS long-range camera man yeah that's a good good thing to have one thing I wish I had was the audio so let's go ahead check out the target and check out the where the camera is and see what kind of impacts we got [Applause] all right yep so looks like that little adhesive tape that holds this camera let go so camera was up here pointing up at the count at the target I like that the heat out here is definitely playing a toll on high camera equipment you can see there that's what it used to be simple fix I could probably come up with a little better mount of course this plate here is 100% protecting that thing so no impacts on either the Atena the camera but we do have three impacts on steel so let's see what we got here's a to Leslie this is the first impact and I backed it up with a shot there holding the same spot so roughly uh like seven seven inches and then after that we've been fighting the wind a little bit and the heat and I got the third impact up here on steel there so everything else was going straight just right over it a couple of Nick's here's one right here close to the chain there's another one so I would have brought that down 1 MOA how it have been dead center but one mile using the STS long-range camera with the long-range transmitter Atena did good today and with a hundred and seventeen degree weather definitely held up to the heat and I believe I can get a little bit more footage well guys the STS long-range camera system it's a good simple way of getting a camera to look at your target long-range see where your impacts are definitely does help out your spotter and if you don't have a spotter and you're doing what I'm doing solo of long-range shooting this is an awesome set up to have but I like to say stay tuned because I do have a system that I will be trying out for around a hundred bucks that you can make and it'll be a DIY style camera for long range shooting with audio so stay tuned for that let's head back to the reloading bench let's talk about that SME bull's eye

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  1. Wow that sounds really hot, never been that hot here, The hottest I have ever seen it here was 105 with 100% humidity, can’t imagine being able to see your scope with that kind of heat so much sweat running down your face, what was the heat index 150?
    1 mile that’s great shooting, looks like an interesting way to see your target, keep up the good work we enjoy your videos

  2. Very nice Mr. Kenny all I can say I wow one mile that is so incredible every video gets better my friend

  3. Nice review. Was wondering if Uncle Jim could use one. One day he won’t be able to climb that mountain. Just a thought

  4. I'm thinking that setting up 2 smart phones (mine and my wife, daughter, son inlaw…) in video call mode would do the same thing for about $300 less and it would hear the impact. Good video info on that system though! And good shooting! Now, about that 117 degrees????? 🙂

  5. Great video. Looking forward to your DIY setup. I have looked at FVP (drone cams) setups but see alot of heat complaints… starting to look at long range wifi. I only need 500 yards.

  6. I was waiting for you to hit that 10” gong. Your luck and mine are almost the same 🤣
    That’s some good gear! Looks nice and clear 👍🏻

  7. Great work, Brother! I'm trying to get one of my rifles set up to shoot distance. My rifles use proprietary rings, though and that's proving to be a challenge.

  8. You want some Bells, Yeah Boy might as well there it is little old school NWA LOL. I like that system but I agree with you 100% you should have audio so that you can hear the ding of the Steal. Can't wait to see what your mad scientist DIY comes up with. Great shooting once again Kenny. Thanks, Echo

  9. That's just awesome Kenny…slick shootin too! Remember those silly little hats that resembled a mini umbrella? I'd find some of those to shade the gear, mount it right on the tripods and shade that wimpy hi-tec ChineeeeeeeeeeeeStuff.
    PS…just looked them up…there everywhere…

  10. Cool system Kenny! This is going to really make a difference in what you're doing. What are you going to do with the other camera system you got?
    Amazing that the system held up in that heat. My GoPro wants to shut down when it gets hot, and it's nowhere as hot at my place. Good report!

  11. Great job putting the STS through the paces. Getting the 'Long Range Tech' up to the same level as your shooting.

  12. Nice! You started with welcome long range shooters, is it cool that I consider 200yds, long range?:) that would definitely be awesome for long shoots. I don’t even like walking 100yards to check my targets:) very cool mig let you try it out. I’m wondering if a cheap Walmart phone with a inexpensive monthly plan could be used? Looking forward to you diy project

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