[Sub][Episode 34] Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate Official Animation

[Sub][Episode 34] Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate Official Animation

Fight me, Ryuzu. Why did you destroy Dragon Empire Branch?!
Why did you hurt everyone?! Is that the future you want?! You’re the one who said
justice belongs to the one who wins! Hmph! Very well. Who will the world choose, you or me? We can depend on that judgment
for our answer. The truth that governs the world itself
resides within Vanguard. Put another way,
our fight expresses the will of the world. If that’s the case, I’ll show you that
you’re the one who’s wrong! But this place is somewhat noisy. Everyone, charge! What’s wrong?! Respond! If you want to resolve this, follow me. If you miss your chance today,
you’ll never see me again. Are you afraid? Don’t get on, Chrono! Turn 34
Chrono’s Memories What did you just say?! He was a cut above me. He dropped all of the people
I had in place… Why didn’t you stop him right away? Why?! You and the others didn’t see what he did! Ryuzu Myoujin is out of his mind.
And now he’s got Chrono! If something happens to Chrono, I… I’m the one you should blame. I’ll accept all criticism,
after we get Chrono Shindou back. Tell me everything about
how he was taken away. Right. I didn’t just let Chrono go. Where are we? Does this place suit you? If you lose, don’t ever
use units like that again! Then if you lose,
will you admit that I’m right? I ain’t gonna lose! Not when I’ve got
my Gear Chronicle pals with me! Stand up, Vanguard! Chrono Dran! Gunnergear Dracokid. I ride Masergear Dragon. I ride Timebreak Dragon! To be honest, at first I didn’t really understand
that you were tryin’ to turn Cray units into tools for your ambition. But that’s what they were for, huh? Ain’t no way I’m gonna
let you do that to ’em anymore! Guard. I ride Smokegear Dragon. Call. Steam Knight, Mudar
attacks your Vanguard. Steam Breath guards! It’s not as if I want to make the units
engage in destructive acts. It is necessary. I had no choice. You jerk… Don’t mess with me! I ride History-maker Dragon! Call! Vanguard is supposed to be fun! Guard. The people at Dragon Empire Branch,
and everybody else I’ve met along the way, have all loved Vanguard! Even these guys have responded
to my feelings and imagination. No guard. You ruined all of that! You trampled on what’s
most important to everyone! Dad! Come on, hurry up! Hold on there, Chrono. There’s no rush. What about the units? Are the units
coming today? They’re coming, right? Is it “turn end” for you? Y-Yeah… I ride Chronofang Tiger. Call. I can understand your anger. But what would happen if I pulled back now? Guard! The world wouldn’t change at all. Unless I act, it will all be
no more than a pipe dream. If you want to change something,
going forward is the only way. I stand Mudar. No matter who
criticizes me or what they say, I will continue down this path. Damage check! Then it’s like we’re sacrificing Cray
for the sake of our world! It’s for the sake of a perfect future. What’s wrong? Nothin’. What’s goin’ on in my head? That was my dad and… Mudar attacks. Guard! Turn end. S-Stand and draw! I ride Chronojet Dragon! This day will go down in history. For the first time ever, the planet Cray
and our world will be physically joined. You’re going off half-cocked, Ryuzu.
We’re still in the preliminary stage. Generation Zone released! Stride Generation! Warp Drive Dragon! I attack your Vanguard! Take a good look, Chrono. Our new future is going to begin here. No guard. Triple drive. Second card. Critical trigger! I give the power to Balih,
and the extra critical to Warp Drive! Well done, Rive. Our Peacemaker… Are you okay? Balih attacks your Vanguard! Chrono… you… That’s right. I know this place. On that day, I… Dad! Come on, hurry up! Hold on there, Chrono. There’s no rush. What about the units? Are the units
coming today? They’re coming, right? We’ve got another preliminary
experiment today. Hey now! Hello! You came, Peacemaker. Ryuzu! Don’t call him that.
It’s embarrassing. He’s going to lead the world
to true tranquility. So I think that name is appropriate. Ryuzu! Hello. I’m glad you came, Chrono.
Watch closely today. You’ll see the new future
that we’re going to open up. For today’s experiment, we’re going to try
connecting this world to the planet Cray. Your father possesses a strong imagination. We’re going to draw on that power
to transcend time and space. When are the units going to come?
Will they fly over? Try to picture it. Picture it? Draw the thought in your mind. Picture a tunnel between the two worlds
and units passing through it. It’s a very long tunnel. Parts of it are plunged into darkness. Which way? Hey! Over here! There you go. Here they are! Wow! Units actually came! Yeah, they sure will. But next time. Mr. Shindou, we’re about ready. Right. Well, I’ve got a bit of work to do. Amplifying Stride Force! Level rising. Beginning the countdown. Confirming production of Stride Matter. Proceeding with signal.
The numbers are stable. Expanding the field.
Deploying the virtual gate. C-Contact! We did it. We really did it! This is… the planet Cray… We reached it at last. Now if we can funnel the power
of that planet’s destiny into our world, we can usher in a perfect future. What do you mean? We never talked about that! Then it’s like we’re sacrificing Cray
for the sake of our world! It’s for the sake of a perfect future. Didn’t you realize a sacrifice
would be necessary? Not on that kind of scale! That’s not the kind of future
I want to grasp! Calm down, Rive. Listen to me. Even if the several hundreds of millions of
Cray’s inhabitants detested me for eternity, I would have chosen this path. How could you?! How can you object now,
after all this time? Where am I? After our dream is finally
going to come true! What is this place? Help me. Where am I? I can’t get out. Somebody! Try to picture it. Is anyone here? I’m right here! What are you doing? I’m caught in a bend. Help! Which way should I go? Come over here. I’m right here. Who are you? Chrono. Chrono Shindou. I see! So your name is Chrono, too. I’m… The Strideometer is showing a rapid increase! We’ve got an emergence of mass
in the virtual gate! It’s being teleported! It’s a miracle! Well done, Rive. Our Peacemaker… …has not only connected Cray to space-time,
but also brought a unit here! You’re going to be the savior! He says his name is Chrono Dran.
He has the same name as me. Chrono… You… What are you doing?!
Prepare the Depend Cards! We’ll tie him up,
then do a thorough examination. After all, we have to capture the
other Zodiac Time Beasts, too. Rive! Catch that unit! That’s right. We have to find out about
the mechanism that called him here. Sorry, but the fighters
will have to take a break. Hello, Chrono Dran. Aren’t the Depend Cards ready yet?! What are you doing, Mr. Shindou?! Rive! What do you think you’re doing?! The Stride Force is increasing rapidly!
We can’t stop the response! Noise is being produced
inside the virtual gate! No good! I can’t control it! Rive! You did this! Stop! What do you intend to do with that unit? Stop! Rive! Why?! Why are you betraying me?! Rive, wait! Rive! My fault… Forget about this, Chrono.
Nothing happened here. It’s because I called that kid… You didn’t do anything. Forget about it. Forget about the units,
Vanguard, everything. Rive only escaped with me. It seems he didn’t know you summoned me. But suddenly coming to this world
made me feel really uneasy. Rive continued to sustain me,
even though it shortened his own life. Because of that, he can’t move anymore. Rive really did intend to fight alone. But… you’re the only one who can
open the space-time passage that lets us call out to one another. Chrono… your imagination is just a little
stronger than most people’s, that’s all. You’re an ordinary human child,
the kind that can be found anywhere. Our meeting made you special. The bridge formed that day
connects the two worlds even now. Ryuzu used the accumulated Stride Force
to pry it open and summon units. So only your Depend Card was complete because we’d already met, huh? I can be here even now
because you awakened that card. I never knew how to use this. The hypnotic suggestion Rive gave you
has protected you all this time. But… your will to move forward
has destroyed that restraint. If you call on us, my comrades and I
will come running across space and time. Always. “Sacrificing everything on the planet Cray
for the sake of our world…” What does that mean? The power of destiny connects the two worlds. Ryuzu is trying to tilt that balance. Bringing all the luck to this world… …and giving all the misfortune… You… You… …would sacrifice… …for the sake of this world… …not only units… …but all of the planet Cray! How dare you?! There’s no way
I’ll let you get away with it! Ryuzu, I’m not gonna
let you get away with this! You intend to sacrifice all of Cray
for your own mad ambitions?! It can’t be helped. How many times do I have to tell you
that it’s for the sake of my objective?! Shut up! I won’t buy that! No matter how many
times you say it! Fine then. I’ll have you come to me once. Awakening of the Depend Card I’m sure your way of thinking will change.

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  2. 23:33 I hate you so much, says Chrono. Ryuzu is not giving a fuck and acting chill while he is grabbed. Then out of his ass, he pulls a taser and hits Chrono. That was how the episode ended xD

  3. Forget about Cardfight, just use a taser instead. turn cardfight vanguard into taserfight vanguard instead.

  4. I read a comment in a past episode saying that Chrono is from Cray. After watching this, he probably stands corrected.

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    this is the best episode ive ever seen in life!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. several hundreds of million? if i'm correct All Cards from Cardfight Vanguard minus Etranger is roughly just 5500

  11. I hope theres another series after this where if they went on with the plan to sacrifice cray, and what would happen because of that

  12. I dont understand the plot.. Aichi ibuki and kai was the first CFV player who brought G Units and something from the past they already gathering stride force? zzzz

  13. TBH this episode is trash. Everything is just all chrono, chrono, chrono. Every other character receive little to nothing attention at all.

  14. Did nobody noticed that chrono cheated? He guarded with smoke gear (grade 2) while his Vanguard was still grade 1!

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    looks like chrono will faint if he gets tasered which he did get tasered by a kid who i don't know where did he kept his taser.

  17. I think Ryuzus of either 2 things of the reasons why he's doing what hes doing: Its cray because theirs a civilization that can obliterate the world they're standing on so hes trying to make sure that cray doesn't one day attack earth, sounds like kurata from digimon data squad. Number 2 his life may have been really hard growing up because he stated he hates violence and Rive was his only friend so he mustve been in an abusive environment where hes been then learned about cray dedicated his life to taking crays energy and wants the luck of cray to turn it around for him and get revenge on earth for making his life terrible.

  18. I have to give them credit – Chronofang Tiger was glorious, and is probably going to be the Gear Chronicle build for me

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    second why did chrono atk a 10k vg with a 9k rg
    third why did ryuzu guard

  20. I like how everyone is talking about Chrono X Tokoha and the taser and aren't talking about the huge plot device that just got revealed.

  21. Damn! I like the way this is going! it's getting good!I can't wait for next week's episode!!!😊


  23. I think ryuzu plan started since cardfight vanguard was season 1 because the ending of season 1 epsiode it said "aim for Micrale and future" something like that like they planned vanguard so far ahead

  24. Ok I loved this episode it was sooooo good. Really really good. I'm glad that there isn't really anything special about Crono he was just a very imaginative kid & the only thing that really made him different was the fact he met Crono-Dran I hate it when it's a one hero chosen for no real reason Garbage.

  25. Ok I loved this episode it was sooooo good. Really really good. I'm glad that there isn't really anything special about Crono he was just a very imaginative kid & the only thing that really made him different was the fact he met Crono-Dran I hate it when it's a one hero chosen for no real reason Garbage. Plus I also like the part where Ryuzu taser gunned  him Vanguard is soo unpredictable in Yu-Gi-Oh everything is only done through duels

  26. Ok I will say this LOUD & CLEAR I'VE BEEN ROBBED OUT OF A HOT GUY. They show this real sexy dude in a couple of openings ago & I was like He's hot then I get this old dude & now I got this little brat. Where's the hot guy I see in these flashbacks I want him not a grandpa not a toddler Yes. I'm heartless & superficial.

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  29. i hate fighting and what the world is now

    i love vanguard because it can resolve problems without fighting

    so i am going to sacrifice vanguard for the world to be a better place

    basically what is in ryuzu's head

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