The U.S Air Force recently tested Lockheed
Martin’s Advanced Test High Energy Asset anti-drone laser. Advanced Test High Energy Asset, or ATHENA
– also the name of the Greek goddess of was used yo take out drones. The laser defense system knocked out several
drones out of the sky demonstrating that it can handle multiple threats per engagement. As per reports, the system shot down multiple
Class 1 and 2 fixed-wing and rotary drones at a government-owned training range at Fort
Sill, Oklahoma. It is important to note that this is the first
time U.S Air Force personnel used the system independently, without Lockheed engineers In this video Defense Updates reports on the
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. The proliferation of drone technology has
meant that the chances of facing asymmetric threats are much more than it was a decade
before. In January 2018 Russian forces faced a drone
swarm launched against Khmeimim Air Base, in Syria. The Russian were able to neutralize these
drones. Though the attack was able to inflict limited
damage it indicated that the threat of the drone swarm has arrived. A recent example is the September attack on
Saudi Arabia. On September 14, facilities of Saudi Arabia’s
oil company Aramco located in the east of the country came under attack. As per reports, the raid began around 4 a.m
and drones as well as cruise missiles were used in the attack, there were 18 drones and
7 missiles. The world’s biggest oil refinery near the
city of Abqaiq and a refinery near Khurais, where Saudi’s second-largest oil field is
located were targeted. The damage was significant & this caused a
spike in global oil prices. This kind of scenario can occur in U.S Air
Force bases too. A swarm of cheap drone armed with small explosives
could cause massive damage to multi-million dollar warplanes, radars, etc. The adversary could potentially cause a lot
of destruction without having to put in significant resources. For example, a Lockheed Martine F 35 Lightning
II costs around $ 80 million apiece and could be easily disabled by a grenade sized warhead. John Rood, undersecretary of defense for policy
recently stated, “We’re seeing asymmetric investments in
things like swarming UAS technology, like unmanned aerial systems that really fly more
like the cruise missiles. It’s a serious problem.” Rood didn’t specifically mention the Saudi
attacks, but indications were clear. So, it is clear that the U.S military needs
to address the growing challenge of targeting small, basic but potentially lethal drones. This is where laser weapons come in. Lasers are concentrated beams of light that
transmit large amounts of electromagnetic radiation against their targets. The power of a laser is generally stated in
kilowatts. The general idea of laser-beam weaponry is
to hit a target with a train of brief pulses of light. The rapid evaporation and expansion of the
surface cause shockwaves that damage the target. When a laser beam strikes a target, it can
cause the external surface to heat up rapidly. This can cause a drone to burst in the sky
as its battery pack or fuel tank to ignite. Even if this doesn’t happen, the laser could
fry the electric sensors & communication modules of the drones which will make them lose contact
with its operate and deplete its ability to navigate, ultimately disabling them. Lasers have some very important advantages. The speed of light enables them to hit their
targets almost instantaneously. Laser weapons also don’t need to carry ammunition
like traditional systems and hence they will be able to take out a much larger number of
threats constrained only by the power supply limit of the platform. They are also so much cheaper and could cost
as less as $1 per shot. This is much more cost effective than deploying
traditional weapons. For example, an FIM-92 Stinger short-range
shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile has a price of $ 38,000 and a Patriot surface-to-air
missile costs around 1 million each. As per Lockheed Martine, ATHENA is a prototype
laser weapon system that is designed to defeat close-in, low-value threats such as improvised
rockets, unmanned aerial systems, vehicles, and small boats. ATHENA is a transportable, ground-based system
that serves as a low-cost test bed for demonstrating technologies required for military use of
laser weapon systems. It is a 30-kilowatt laser weapon system that
uses the 30 kilowatts Accelerated Laser Demonstration Initiative (ALADIN) laser. ALADIN combines the power of three 10 kilowatt
fiber lasers into a single 30-kilowatt beam. The use of multiple lasers means it can also
operate at lower levels, say 10 or 20 kilowatts if required. 30 kilowatts is sufficiently powerful to knock
down drones. Lockheed said in the release,
“The radar track was provided to airmen who operated ATHENA via cues from the C2, then
ATHENA’s beam director slewed, acquired, tracked and defeated the drone with a high-energy
laser,” Lockheed spokesman Mark Lewis told,
“The Air Force focus is to field-test and evaluate directed-energy systems for counter-drone
capability and readiness for fielding for air base defense mission,” Meanwhile, the Army’s focus has been “to determine
what capabilities — directed energy and C2 — will facilitate the defeat of aerial threats
for the maneuver brigade and maneuver battalion,” he said. That includes defense against mortar attacks. The new test follows two previous experiments
by the U.S Army in 2015 and 2017. The fiber laser, equipped with advanced beam
control technology, took out five Outlaw drones at the Army’s White Sands Missile Range in
New Mexico in 2017. Laser technology is still relatively new and
scientists and engineers are working round the clock to master it. There are many challenges when it comes to
using the laser for combat usages. American military’s tryst with laser weapons
is not new. In 2010, the Air Force mounted and fired off
a megawatt-class chemical laser from a modified Boeing 747. Things have changed since then and instead
of unstable chemical laser used for that experiment, solid-state lasers are now being used. The SHiELD program is developing a directed
energy laser system that will act as a demonstrator for a self-defense system that could eventually
enable aircraft to protect themselves from surface-to-air (SAM) and air-to-air (AAM)
missiles. On April 23, 2019, the U.S Air Force Research
Laboratory (AFRL) Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) Advanced Technology
Demonstration (ATD) Program successfully achieved a major goal. A laser developed as part of the program had
shot down several air launched missiles in flight. The system could be deployed as an add-on
pod in the future. In August, the Air Force awarded Raytheon
Space and Airborne Systems a $23.8 million contract for two prototype high-energy laser
weapons (HELW) systems, designed to take out unmanned aerial systems. A news report published earlier this year
states that emerging counter-drone technologies — both for civil and military use — are
on the rise and will see an increase over the next decade. It is evident that laser will have a significant
part to play in future combat and they are becoming reality much faster than what we
could imagine a decade earlier.


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  4. it's okay for clear sky but how can we destroy a drone that can fly in tropopause. What if rainy and snowy condition actually damage the intense laser beam. Also laser beams can be bent.

  5. India already made it… Can shoot down a jet(high flying) and drones (low flying) …
    Successful Test have been conducted on target such as mig 21 which were about to retire…

    Test were conduct over civil areas… That's how many MiG21 were crashed in recent time… Under *unknown circumstances… Which proves that suddenly nothing goes wrong…
    MiG 21 were used because of their reputation 'flying coffin'… So nobody can think of them to be used as target…

    India is fooling the world again…

  6. Teacher "don't make pop culture references
    Pentagon – shield, aladin ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Low altitude drones are real problem, they have sizes and speed like birds, so SAM radars are confused, need visual optical devices to understand what exactly in sky. But you can't easily hit them because you can kill own civilians, SAM missiles spreading hundreds tungsten striking elements, each has speed like bullets. Thats why medium range SAM system are not good choices against drones, their missiles hit target from above to below, so need small SAM which can hit from below to above. Laser weapon currently best choice. Sorry for my english

  8. No pew sound like in the movies, no traveling Star Wars visible pulse, no way for the target to know it's coming before it gets there and very hard to figure out where it came from. Impressive.

  9. Million dollar for one missile, the US defence contractors sure know how to rip off the nation by overpricing the weapons much like the US medical sector.

  10. The new Ford-class carrier with three times the power output of the Nimitz-class carrier and the new Littoral-class ships with their high electric energy production are excellent platforms for these fast as light laser weapons, especially against Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles also.

  11. I hope its been tested against an aluminium foil covered drone, we don't want ANOTHER high tech weapon defeated by aluminium foil

  12. The big question is, how far is it still lethal or incapacitating to humans? I can imagine automated systems just scanning the horizon with thermals and deleting people from great distances. Maybe vulnerable tech for full scale war, but for something like counter-insurgency you could just build these and cut down on the amount of combat personnel needed on any static location.

  13. WE need drone carriers, lots of them. Small ships with small crews – or NO crews – cheap and effective. We should be, and I hope are, pursuing, swarms of very small drones, armed with small shaped charges, and hyperbaric grenades, AND that fly random patterns on the way to their targets.

  14. Gee… Great!
    Is it a sign that some will be sent to Afghanistan to finally win against Taliban Goat Herders?
    That was about time!

  15. Question:
    Will it be more effective against these nasty tribal people armed with little more than AK47s left over from last century's Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?
    Man… what was a two weeks walk in the park promised by Bush the Butcher turned two decades quagmire has become a reason for jokes all over the planet and such a global embarrassment for the so called most powerful military on the Galaxy!

  16. This laser thing will take years to become really effective against swarms of drones (one can buy in China or Amazon) armed with little grenades that will devastate America's beloved and pretty expensive war machines.
    Soon tribal people and goat herders will be able to spank American forces for years without an end and force the invaders out of their land!
    It is already happening in Afghanistan?
    God… and nobody told me a thing…
    America is doomed!

  17. Every system has a counter measure, even this system has one, additionally same system in enemys hand can be equally dangerous..!
    Everything has both pros and cons

  18. Point of order. The Saudi Arabia attack was by cruise missiles. Now you could call a cruise missile a type of drone, but that's symantics. These were larger, jet powered aircraft, similar to, if not as large and sophisticated as Tomahawk cruise missiles.

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