15 Replies to “Sunset hill shooting range – Pennsylvania”

  1. Welcome to boondocks PA! That establishment gets a bit loud during long weekends when city slickers comes here for vacation. Glad you enjoyed your visit and experienced what second amendment is all about.

  2. sux how the instructors aren all over you , I guess if you asked for help or told them you never did this before then its cool to have a little guidance, but if thats how they are I would hate to shoot there with people loading my weapons and yanking them out my hand .

  3. that was awesome bud well done. my uncle lives in Pensilvainia i will have to get out there one day. keep up the good work cheers

  4. Used to love my handguns back in the day , really miss them 🙁 . If you wanna shoot full bore try Ireland or the Isle of man , they still have them unlike pussy britain mainland . Great vid & thanks for the memories .

  5. Looked ace fun. I bet your wrist would hurt after a few reloads on that magnum. Another enjoyable vid m8y 😉

  6. I grew up near this neck of the woods but never visited nor even knew about Sunset Hill. Of course I'm old enough to be your grandfather. Great fun video, thank you Andy.

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