Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House Built With Old Fence Palings

Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House Built With Old Fence Palings

39 Replies to “Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House Built With Old Fence Palings”

  1. This is probably the first tiny home I've seen with the stairs at the back of the house. Definitely a good idea instead of a ladder in the center.

  2. I just hope you don't live in a tornado-prone midwest state. You sure don't want to be moved to another state free of gasoline.

  3. I really, really like this build! How much do you want for it Bro – name your price ❤👍👍👍😀

  4. This one is really special. Very well designed indeed. Love the common sense and careful planning that went into every part of the house. Definitely one of my favourites. Thank you for building, filming and sharing with us. xx

  5. Very well thought out design for such a small space, creating a cozy home feeling. Really magical exterior design as well. Well done.

  6. the first word came out of my mouth when you guys get in to the house is "WOW" , what a great job 👍 been catching up with your videos bryce..I'm so inspired by those stories on each of the tiny satisfying videos 🙂

  7. Oh my , That is gorgeous ❗️Great job ❗️so open just beautiful . 👍🏼 and the property is amazing so relaxing looking , yes that's the way to go . Good for you .

  8. Где захотел,там и остановился,где захотел там и дом…

  9. This is one of my favorite tiny houses you have visited. He really has given himself rooms and a spacious feeling by not trying to do too much. Inside and out it is a beautiful house. I love that he used those strong colors in his lounge and in the carpet. They go with the beautiful wood and really give a nice feel! To me, the whole house just feels good! I am older and couldn't do the stairs to the loft, but it is perfect for him!

  10. I love this one really cool. I won't s tiny house when my kids are grown but my husband is 6"5 and he is really not interested in going tiny I have some 11years two get him hooked

  11. Anyway the house is amazing but I notice the owner is look so handsome for me😂😂
    Greetings from Philippines

  12. Bryce – thank you for this one. One of my favorite designs!! I love repurposed materials and keeping waste to a MINIMUM.

  13. I keep coming back to this one. I love the aesthetic with the cabin feel and the countryside setting. I’ve been living out of a van for a couple of years now and I’m saving my income with a similar goal in mind.

  14. Watching their videos gives me tons of ideas on how are we going to decorate our own tiny house..thank you so much.

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