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  1. 2:55 perfect feint attack in this one: 1. advance + feint in sixth line 2. change to the 8th and lunge finish

  2. The slo-mo captures are amazing; if they made a three musketeers or other historical  movie with that kind of action it would be a blockbuster.

  3. I fenced for a few years, loved it, insperational and motivated to do better
    Dont think my knees would stand it now
    Great sport

  4. It's never too late to start fencing. A friend of mine who is from the same club as me started fencing at around 60, five years later he has become a veteran champion in the 60s+ category in Australia. You don't even have to be a competitive fencer either. The sport caters for all different personalities provided you show discipline and patience. Give it a go.

  5. You get exhausted in fencing because it's more mental than physical. Can't compare it that way to football (which i appreciate you call it football and not soccer). In fencing you have to react and think as fast as you can every second (sometimes very short frames of seconds) of those 9 minutes, in football you have plenty of time to stay calm, don't tell me you're running the whole 90 minutes because that's a lie. In fact, you touch the ball 10% of the time the match lasts.

  6. All this footage is from Athens 2004. There was a DVD about all the fencing competition, i'm not sure if you can find it online. I got the DVD (in physic).

  7. I'm not saying it isnt a sport but i would like to point out that their equipment are not like the swords u kill people with..

  8. Haha i'm sorry are people complaining about fencing? Two people are trying to stab each other with fucking swords haha? People used to do that back in the old days, and guess what, they killed each other. These guys have the guts to do it for sport.

  9. I fenced foil at a national level for 2 years.. and i wouldn't say it's one of the most exhausting sports in terms of how exhausted you get physically. It's pretty tiring and intense, but bouts only last 9 minutes. Now compare that to a game of football, which lasts for 90 minutes and is almost constant running, which is the more exhausting?

  10. are you people retarded? fencing is one of the most exhausting sports that there is, and anyone who says that it isn't, should really actually try the sport before mouthing off about it.

  11. Fencing is the sport of "lazy people". I was in a national team in TKD and that's a lot more exhausting for sure, however, in fencing tactics and strategy makes a lot more sense. In TKD power and strength is dominating, in fencing is technical and mental status.

  12. oh, i see your point. like football players? like basketball players? like handball players? like tennis players….what do you think?

  13. I like to think that I'm in relatively good shape, and I've just recently taken up fencing. Jesus. I don't think I've ever sweated like I do during a fencing duel. There are definitely times when I feel like I'm not very far away from passing out.
    So, yes. Anyone who thinks that fencing isn't a challenging sport (or a sport at all!) has clearly never attempted it.

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