47 Replies to “Superhero Circuit Training”

  1. After he did the whole thing the uugh thing at the end is me when I have to work out. I am seriously gonna start doing this stuff. This dude is inspiring me to do this shit. If he can do it I can too.

  2. ITS OLIVER!!! its him! big fan dude!!!!
    BEST superhero – ever!
    Q: are you really that good with a Bow and arrow?

  3. … where were all the Goombas and Koopas in the beginning of the video? Did you kill them before recording?

  4. did anyone else here him whisper fucker to the guy who was sitting on the block he was pushing also he just did all of that in 85 seconds!

  5. On my first comment I would like to thank you Stephen because you have inspired me to become for fit and the second comment is… Where the heck is this gym it looks like a great place to workout

  6. Yeah like to see you training at the Tempest Freerunning Academy 😀
    By the way little tip: Try getting a little more speed into your running and getting a little bit softer with your moves (maybe with streching after the workout), so your runs will get more flow und will be less exhausting 😉

  7. Stop calling him arrow this actor realy person who working really hard you guys have to sepered fiction and reality

  8. On behalf of all the animators and animation students of the world, THANK YOU for all this great human movement reference footage! 🙂

  9. Circuitos de entrenamiento realmente duros, este chico sufre, y se nota cuanto disfruta. Felicidades Stephen, como entrenador y practicante me motivan tus vídeos.

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