Supersets For Lean Legs | Volume Workout | Cardio & Tone

Supersets For Lean Legs | Volume Workout | Cardio & Tone

hey y'all it's Aaron I've got something a little different for you guys today I'm starting the process of leaning down again and rather than adding in more cardio I've decided to increase the volume of workouts specifically leg in back workouts and do more super sets so more reps more volume less recovery in between each superset is gonna keep the heart rate up it's gonna give you the benefits of doing cardio without having to actually get on the treadmill so each superset is 12 to 20 reps and the rest in between each superset is probably 45 seconds to a minute so we're gonna go through three super sets per exercise at 12 to 20 reps so if you think about what your rep range currently is and where your comfort zone is take a couple of weeks and go beyond that so for me I'm good between 5 & 8 reps once I get over eight reps my brain doesn't want to count so it's a pretty good indication that I need to work in that kind of slower twitch area so if you're the same way take a couple weeks try this workout I think you'll find that it will get your heart rate pumping and you'll see results really quick let's get into the workout the first superset is going to be machine squats followed by stiff leg dead lifts if you don't have this machine at your gym feel free to do leg press hack squats landmine squats or Smith machine squats these are all great substitutes for this just make sure you do a compound movement that's gonna focus on quads and glutes so that's the focus for this exercise here even though I'm doing 15 reps I'm focusing on using proper form going a little bit slower I'm not rushing through I'm not trying to do this for time upper leg goes to parallel and at mid Rep really shift the focus to glutes oh I'm trying to lift the weights with just the glutes weight drives through the heels lower leg stays perpendicular to the ground so you see there's not much movement here back stays nice and flat so the last two to three reps should be really hard and I'm doing forty to fifty percent of what I would normally do for weights whenever you increase the reps you got to decrease those weights but make sure it's challenging enough to where you get those 15 20 reps in so here stiff legged deadlifts different than the RTLS so you've got a longer range of motion here doing a bit of a hip extension at the top really hit those glutes really hitting the hamstrings here so feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width regardless of the weight that I pull it's always a double overhand grip and the reason for this is because you're training for aesthetics you're not training for a powerlifting competition so anytime you use your weaker side as an underhand grip you are going to develop different musculature over time it will really add up so if your goal is to not necessarily win a powerlifting competition but it's to build a complete physique and consider using a double overhand grip so here again legs are staying pretty straight I've got a slight bend in the knee always and never want to lock out and this is gonna light up your hamstrings it's gonna light up your glutes and it's gonna get that heart rate going on to a clean grip reverse lunge followed by good mornings so I'm doing three sets of sixteen so eight on each leg and then I'm gonna do twelve of the good mornings so here if you can't do the clean grip feel free to use another variation so you can keep the bar in the same place but cross your arms so that's one way to grip it or you can use wrist straps and extend that the wrist wraps upward so you can grab the bar slightly higher so here I'm alternating I'm focusing on making sure my hips stay nice and square making sure the weight stays pretty evenly distributed on the front foot and I'm making sure I am stepping evenly on both sides so this one is great because it's a unilateral or a single leg exercise so if you're weaker on one side and we all are then that side needs a little bit extra focus so really pay attention make sure your steps are the same length make sure that everything stays square make sure that one hip doesn't share forward or back and go immediately into your good mornings so here we've got ten pounds on each side I'm going to do 12 reps here now weight goes through the heels lower leg stays nice and straight I'm almost thinking about sitting backwards with this and I don't look in the mirror and the reason for that is because when you look up there's a tendency to really arch that lower back and you don't want to have much of an arch there you want to kind of keep everything nice and straight use your hips as the hinge so as you lower the bar think about bringing the bar back up with the hamstrings and the gluts and this is gonna light up that if the glute-ham tie in you know kind of where that the under butt is so this is really great for tying everything together awesome for building a little bit in the lower back too so strengthening that lower back and make sure you're feeling this exercise and not looking up in the mirror so make sure you keep that back nice and flat make sure those hips come back on the way down and I don't go all the way up on this when I feel that tension I like to kind of keep that tension the next exercise is a goblet squat on the cable followed by a Nordic curl so here three sets of 15 on the goblet squat and three sets of as many reps as possible on the Nordic curl so I think I'm doing about 80 pounds here you want to hold this like a goblet so basically your elbows are going to be underneath the weight and that's how you're going to stabilize yourself so it's not really a lot of upper body it's mostly just stabilization with the upper body weight goes through the heels this is awesome for training the glutes awesome for training the quads and this the cable will give you constant tension so even though it's not a ton of weight it is higher rep and it is constant tension so you're always gonna feel something on that posterior chain and on your quads make sure with this that you keep your upper body nice and tall at all times so do not lean forward especially as you get tired really keep an eye on that form make sure you're going to parallel a little bit below parallel you're gonna hit those glutes if you do next exercise is a Nordic curl we've got Evan here with me holding me down if you do not have a training partner feel free to wedge your toes under any piece of equipment that you can get your toes under I use a yoga mat here if you use the ground it is pretty hard on those kneecaps so make sure you have some kind of padding under your knees here maintain a plank position control your movements so lower yourself with your hamstrings lower until you can't lower yourself any more and then fall softly simultaneously push yourself back up with your arms and pull with your hamstrings on these three sets here you should be able to get quite a few on the first one maybe a little less on the second one even less on the third one but the more you do them the stronger you'll get this is amazing this is the number one exercise for building beautiful hamstrings and you can do it pretty much anywhere so just make sure you stay in a plank don't bend at the hip it's really tough especially as you get tired so really focus on the hamstrings that third set there's a tendency to gas so you might be able to go let's say 12 then maybe 9 they may be six reps maybe so but you can control how hard it is watch out for the head but I'm stuck very last exercise is a calf burnout so this is going to be standing calf raise three sets of as many reps as possible and I've got it at about fifty percent of what I would normally do to be honest I think I might have gotten like nine on the first time so make sure you choose your weight choose your weight accordingly at this point so after the nordic curls they the nordic curls do hit calves secondarily so you are going to be fatigued so try to get as many reps as possible got that nice mark there from where I partially tore my calf a few months ago so still working through that that's another great reason to always train your calves and always stretch super sets higher reps and keeping your recovery to a minimum in between each superset is the key for getting that cardio without having to get on the treadmill also make sure you're choosing tons of compound movements over isolation movements that's also gonna help you get leaner with less effort if you like this workout please give it a thumbs up if you want to see more videos don't forget to subscribe and click that little bell too you'll be the first to know whenever a new video comes out thanks for watching and until next time switch it up y'all and train hard

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  1. Erin! You are my favourite YouTuber to watch! So informative and it’s helped me out a lot and I love how your a natural bodybuilder I admire that. Lifting weights has actually helped me lose weight and it’s such an amazing feeling after working out. Keep making awesome content. Sending lots of love from Canada ❤️

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  3. thank you Erin ! You look amazing ! LOVE YOUR CHANNEL It has helped me a lot ! Finally I have personal fitness training I needed. Blessings ! May god watch over you !

  4. Just love how you show it so clearly, really really clear. So different too, wish I could do it like you, think you are outstanding!! Thank you x

  5. You know Erin I live in Syria I love so watch and I hope I could see you and work out with you in the same gym😙😙😙

  6. Can you get the same result working out at home, instead of going to gym, the only machine i don't have is the first one you use(which I LOVE), but too many people at the gym, when i CAN go… but the other equipment we have in the garage..and can these exercise get rid of the fat on the VERY TOP Of my INNER THIGHS!!

  7. Hi Erin, thank you. I’ve been reading about supersets for weight loss and now I want to do it even more. You’ve inspired me. I can’t wait to start

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  12. Erin, your vids have helped me so much with my form and what to watch for..great tips and tricks. Your explanations are so complete, you don’t miss a thing!!! That’s why you’re a PRO!! 👍👏👏💪🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♂️

  13. Yay! Tomorrow’s leg day and I was wanting a higher rep range workout. Can’t wait to do this in the morning! Thanks, Erin!

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