okay so Tory doesn't think it's a good idea so we have perfectly circle I don't know if you can see this we have a perfectly circle thing right here and you know what that's the perfect shape for what is that a perfect trampoline but you put a trampoline here we can jump well guys especially one in the morning so I wish you're probably try and get the bed soon see you in a bit when I go pick up Brian here we are breath that beats monster cloudy house we're here are you are you happy to be home oh god yeah it's been it's been too long it's been how long has it been it's been five years it's been five years I heard Sebastian has a beard now nope that's me oh yeah sorry I always makes you – I'm very excited every single time oh boy he told me he was gonna do this completely surprised while there's a fucking trampolining yeah dude we got here fucking Lego in the morning and we were like oh [Applause] [Applause] it's a party house I'm not sure my favorite part was not seeing Sebastian [Laughter] his friend is okay so Brian can't find his keys we're gonna go look for those shit did you lock us out Brian Brian I know you just got home and we're already locked out but I think we're gonna have to wait like two days so we thought about this and Brian couldn't even open his car without the keys back his keys that we start the car we leave him okay let's go [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] I'm good thanks oh I should have blocked you on snapchat like I did was crying like I did with you you love snapchat now this isn't about me we've a trampoline [Applause] [Laughter] let me get this straight we have a fucking trip we'll get in our living room and you want to pee wait oh sorry how do you feel about the trampoline do you think this is the best decision we've ever made okay as soon as I read his comment question of the day the last comic question today was a third photo and your camera roll and you guys gave me a lot of fucking great answers I'm wearing them out right now let's do it I really wish I were listening to Africa by toto right now you know that's a song I've never heard so well let's give it a listen shall we oh oh ten out Ted I see why I'm so relatable my child it seems that you're seems to be a little bit defective might want to return it for a new one happy birthday you know this is the perfect cake for me because every time it's my birthday reminds me I'm a little bit closer to death this is probably the buffest 65 year old I've ever met okay so I'm too lazy to figure out how to download videos from Twitter but basically what happens is she bites her shoe do you not know what that's bad tell your boyfriend and if he's got beef I think this is a very close up shot of CG rocker girls I'm not sure though Mac I'm so sorry I didn't see this photo until now it's beautiful no face no problem baby maybe this will work nothing's happening and then it's his hand cut off oh my goodness that sucks okay is this the kid from stranger things why does he have a penis shape is that a cupcake or what what kind of pastry is that oh my god guys it's pickle wrist probably one of my favorite photos I've ever been tweeted if I'm being honest okay guys disclaimer if you get triggered by pineapple and pizza you're probably gonna get triggered no pizzas on pineapple you know what this is how I do what's my problems in life raindrop drop top here's Tyler Joseph in a crop top so first we got a pickle and now we got a dabbing tomato I mean with the baby I mean we could basically make ourselves a hamburger not too far introducing ziggy movie honey just got fun funny ye-yes if you liked the video make sure you go thumbs up below some of this pie right down there his comment question of the day is it's gonna be a trend of 2018 big breasts hands-down the comments down below and I'll read them in tomorrow's video sorry I ever really posted in like 6 days guys have been on vacation in California seeing my family and all that fun shit but I'm gonna be post oh shit I didn't mean to poke you that hard I'm gonna be posting a lot more often now ok I love you so much I'll see you guys again tomorrow peace love and Wi-Fi awkward headache ok bye


  1. the mail man walks in to give a package, sees 3 grown men jumping on a trampoline……….in the middle of there house

  2. 5 years holyshit that's allot wait is that mean 2012 you don't have a channel
    In this year your channel download in 2015

  3. mmm I like Robby better with he's beardπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

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