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  1. Shameful me I must have about four fiber glass bows I've acquired over almost 40 something years now all Ben Pearson's. The first one was given to me by a friend who got it from another common friend who used it as a prop for his Halloween party get-up( I think he was an elf from the Hobbit story). It's dark green in color and it's a 45 pounder! It doesn't look like it would be legal for big game. And I got a kinda tan colored 60 in in Ben Pearson fiber glass bow( which I've seen featured here on youtube called the Jet ) which is a 55 pound pull bow. Two other green fiber glass Ben Pearson's are also green in color and are my lighter target bows one being a 30# like your's featured in your video. I have a couple of nice old laminated recurves, a Bear bow and a bow called a Stemmler but I almost always reach for the fiberglass bows more than anything else! They are so primitive and traditional and always rugged enough for any enviroment or situation. They surely are a best choice for hunting or survival.

  2. Great find at the thrift store, your 30# Fred Bear!

    I did likewise at a thrift store once too: Last year I found a ca. 1960's/70's, 60", 25# yellow Ben Pearson fiberglass bow in almost NEW condition…with 6 – 29-1/2" wooden target arrows, AND, a pre-nocked 16-strand string hanging off of it. The bow set was ONLY $7.00 because the thrift store clerk told me, and I am not making this up what she said, "The bow set is only $7.00 because the string is broken off." ("Um…the string is NOT supposed to be attached to bow, Ms. Clerk!" I thought to myself, as I immediately purchased the bow!) Shoots great too!

  3. It was a thrift shop here in SW Florida. Can't tell you which one because that would undermine operational security. 😉

  4. a recurve will shoot better than a longbow in most cases

    why measure in CM?

    love the video

    let me know if you ever wanna shoot 30lb carp instead of 3lb!

  5. Hi there and thanks for the feedback. Glad that you enjoyed the video. I've recently found a 40lb draw weight fiberglass Bear bow in a thrift shop and added it to my collection. I paid $15 for that one and consider it a steal at that price.

  6. I thought i had watched every archery video in the world..Then today I stumble on to You and your bow and zombie..
    Great Video…I Really Mean That..Nice work well done..and congrats on finding that bow..!!!.

  7. Check out Nick's bows, he has 2,3,7, and I think 10 piece takedown bows made from PVC and takedown arrows. "Backyardboyer". I've made a few of his bows and you'd be surprised with them.

  8. Sometimes you get lucky in thrift shops. My area of Florida has a lot of transient people. Works out well for the thrift shopper.

  9. The entire first part of the video i was estimating how much the magnum cost. I was thinking around the $250-350. When i heard the $30 my jaw dropped. You're so lucky that you have these kinds of things in thiftshops, where i live everyone either doesn't hunt or uses a gun to hunt, and I'm probably one of the only with a recurve in 20 miles. Loved the video and the little bow you found, SS2

  10. Chck out my new video where I compare a fiberglass and flattened pvc bow of roughly the same weights. I'm going to be doing another video comparison on flattened vs the man cave style bow as well. Includes chronograph results.

  11. We have them here in Australia. Galvanized steal sheet metal panels about as thick as the steal on a computer case with a steal frame around them for support. They come in a variety of colours.

    I accidentally shot an arrow through one and went completely through to my neighbours yard. Lucky there was no one standing behind the fence. I no longer play with my bow in the backyard. lol

  12. A comparison video between the two styles of PVC bow would be would be very interesting! I hope that you do do one.

  13. Forgot to say – I may do a comparison video of the two designs. I know it's a popular design. I was shooting a 380 grain arrow in my 27# speed test – so not near the weight arrow wise

  14. Haven't made a round pipe bow. i do know the performance gains with larger pipe diameters starts to taper due to the weight the limbs carry. A battle of efficiency starts to take place from what I've read to date – but I'm not that far into PVC pipe bow development. Got a channel up with some shooting on my first three attempts if interested.

  15. That's very interesting that you've gotten 127 fps with a 27# PVC pipe bow. Thanks for sharing. Just out of curiosity, have you built the PVC pipe version used in this video (round design with the fiberglass rod core)? I would be curious what you got from your bow for fps.
    My 50 lb PVC pipe bow, slings a fish arrow much better than a hunting arrow. Probably because the fish arrow being reall heavy, is a slow accelerator no matter which bow it's shot from so the gap in performance gets closed.

  16. Nice comparison. I'd offer that your pipe bow would be more efficient in the "newer" flattened designs. I'm shooting 127fps with a 27# single 3/4 pipe bow with taper flattening. Would be curious to see how it stacks up to that fiberglass sweetheart. Appreciate your posts – always entertaining and informative.

  17. IMO, At less than 50 feet or so it would be very effective. A well placed shot with a blunt tip would deliver a solid dissabling or death blow to most small game within that distance.

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