SWAT VR! Breaching Prototype| Hot dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades|HTC Vive Gameplay

SWAT VR! Breaching Prototype| Hot dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades|HTC Vive Gameplay

all right guys it's going on just gonna be running through the breaching prototype I've seen they've already changed it since I last looked at it with the most recent update I'm used to be more realistic commander looking guys I guess I changed him to hotdog soldiers that's fine I suppose it's the name of the game hotdog swishes hand grenades makes enough sense for me I was that buddy they didn't add a diva little locomotion handlebars I didn't realize I could do this either ah okay yeah there's a whole lot going on here that I didn't know about Oh that'll just make things more interesting that's awesome I enjoy that a lot someone easier to get down so was to get up there we go yeah oh crap okay so no more no more squares either so no more shooting squares it's all it's all grabbing locomotion now I see that's crazy okay so think what I'll do I'll go through here with only got one assault rifle they got Mike 11 mp5 of course made another video with those I do like the Mac 11 but I'll be out of ammo before you know it it's an that gun are so ultra short I think the easiest thing to do would be to go through with it yes so g22 nice even comes in a magazine now there we go alright show you guys a little little tip here drop the magazine add in the extra bullet that you're missing CJ 22 I don't know what I think that's a sweat than wesun 40 that takes see what happens oh yeah yeah it's just like the western 40 loaded now we got one in the hole as well rather than just having two rather than just missing one so actually shooting I think this holds 15 in the magazines and now we have 16 total say here a couple little grenades I'm not too worried about taking grenades in right now some extra magazines yeah I get some blue makes it infinite magazine that's cool I can dig that I'll mess with that I'll do that Oh proper proper country and I guess for the heck of it and since that that's I can do that with everything I'll go ahead and take myself oh yeah rightful it's not really good for the situation oh you know what I'm gonna take a shotgun I love shotguns yeah I wants to easy to I need one I got a rack there we go yeah awesome you don't even seem that if someone's gonna work the same way hover over the slot press the thumb pad infinite reloads awesome for the hell of instances now everything's really easy fucking I'm Thor grenade in there too quick no quick side on the grenade that's alright I'll take that out right back there you go oh fuck oh damn it oh if it should only take fire but just in case I'm wrong and I was right oh that's awkward oh it's stuck oh boy it's somewhere inside that guy cool I guess I guess that's cool that might be bad all right fair enough so I'm ready to start heading through the house already see that I got a guy there obviously Oh what's like a guy's head there all right so definitely interesting choice I guess I can still teleport though if I want to yes I can still use the teleportation I try to kind of stay around and corners I give myself as much room as possible when I do teleport so I can move over stuff like that all right because I've already gone into the house of regular way before now I'm going to do with this so let me get extra loaded up though me full there so I get a little bit more realistic probably would go up like this awesome scope okay yeah get on top of the building and uh well uh oh oh it's gonna make me inside the house really that's lame I guess I'll have to make do what I can do teleport right there and we are literally floating now that's not good this is tactically just inappropriate I don't know what the hell I'm doing now I pull myself out the house yeah I still a few bugs to say the least going on here there we go ok I see this guy here I kind of got their cool magoons head to this corner here peek into that door there and check my left corner that way as well okay so we're good here so much more space I got I like to walk to the opposite end and then teleport myself back up gets me optimal limb to move around in so just going to corner around keep off my cover don't get on your cover too hard check the room there sure go for the other room pretty much just see inside so I don't have to step in all right cool and I will head to the yeah try to get myself some more space here make that a back corner or maybe more like the middle cuz I'll have to come around the corner there yeah there we go I can do the corner again there we go getting myself optimal space to move around I guess I can also use these right now but that seems to be really screwing me up more than helping me sure there's more guys downstairs I'll back myself way up here there we go head for the balcony and you want to corner it and then hit something now button there by accident ammo cowboy yeah reload head for the balcony and you want to corner it and then hit something now system button there by accident ammo cowboy reload switch back over to my shotgun just for style purposes peak focal walls here locomotions definitely not solved it oh boy I'm floating in the air that is weird oh boy that's bad act oh there we go that's where I want it to be my fault someone here I don't know where exactly where I've come through already couple more these and before I go any further there we go one more maybe ever more on freaking toast it go go at this corner up here okay check over here and going to come around this way Emily that's the whole house there I think I got everybody realistic I probably got shot like five thousand times though no way you can clear a house like this by your damn self it'd be friggin toast before you knew it like it's like out in the middle of a cornfield or some shit I know what this is I just make sure I cleared everything out here I believe I got everybody though say here yeah no mystery men in the closets head downstairs yep nobody there either that's everything I got a couple of watermelons though oh crap oh that's done Smith little bunny looks like everybody's missing a fucking head alright awesome that's a pretty good run in the shoot house here so I say they incorporated a lot of the handles I didn't expect that actually had played it talked about three or four days ago a shoot house but didn't realize they had incorporated all these handle bars to the shoot house to actually help you get around I mean it it helps it's a decent way of doing look emotion I suppose but still some cases I think it's a little not really the best fit maybe I left someone around this corner here let's see Oh nobody left at all yeah still not really the best fit over finally locomotion but in my opinion actually makes me just slightly motion sick when I get to weird movements where I'm like over the top of the bar like this that actually makes me just a little queasy if I can't pull myself back down there are some situations where you can't seem to pull yourself down ran to that when I did the gun dasyam so but I mean it's still still pretty awesome I like it a lot I'm definitely get some half-decent exercise out of a gun dasyam and doing this but I think oh definitely have to maybe add in some sort of random generator to make different uh enemy location so maybe different houses or something like that because after you know this house is too easy to run it you already know where everybody else is that they pretty much just changed the targets and the hotdogs but there's still the same positions as they were before right so let's try to run it with something else oops got caught up in the menu there I'll run it using something else now see here reset saying it's me back smack-dab in the middle I'll try this would be interesting 101 for now I did a Marshall short mac-11 and b5 you won't be fives pretty neat think imma doing it piss off now that's all I my dear yep sure enough imma run the mp5 third yeah sure thing you can Connor I just kinda have a heck you want I guess it's a little funny I did a video already on how to do this up handed so I usually reach around you can reach her on top I have a tendency to end up doing that and all in the damn thing up I think it's ready to shoot now sure I just caught the hell out that thing I'm it's ready to go alright go I'll run it to that way get myself a cup of grenades or something cyber grenade none of this crap yeah that's what I want Oh something I guess a side-on just for just for style points I'll do that for stop points I'm probably not gonna use this time though there we go somebody somebody will get the style point headshot I guess all right let me go through it a different way to stop think I'll actually go all the way to the bottom first to stop and we'll go all the way to the bottom this time all right so I'm out ready to go say not that bad even if you're going left-handed it's still pretty quick I could definitely see them you can just find some sort of better locomotion I actually have a pre-order for a virtuix Omni which is like a it's like omnidirectional treadmill smooth Bowl type surface it's almost like you're running in socks and a hardwood floor but hey exercise special sensors something like that incorporated into this I think could be pretty pretty dang useful of course you wouldn't be able to reach down and touch the ground though that's only problem the Omni does not have Crouch as a function that's probably its biggest weakness let me back up too close ain't deaf initely want to back up off your cover I mean it doesn't really matter when you play call of duty too much but real-life bullets they'll skip off the walls and go through walls and stuff like that so sometimes they'll tumble through so if you're not too close to your cover you can still get around to your cover without being up on it actually if I have a rifle or not even a rifle but SMG like this it's actually much more useful if I'm not having to come around the corner like that if I can just back up off of it I can walk around it real easy and then saline into saggin keep my rifle extended out still walk through no problem you don't have to be right on your cover like they always showing like most cover time to ever shooters the guys are right on the cover every damn time that's really not how you're supposed to do it I think that was the whole house already was it chase yeah I think they need a new level they need adding like another level to the house so hope a little short that was everything I'm a missing something apparently not and I was literally the whole house already well I guess I just need some more to do here see how fast I can get that left hand reload on you owe me Kippur expenses oh well that teleported me into the wall screw it that gun is yours and I did not use any grenades either that's I should probably get better at that okay how about this whole grenade run nothing look Renee's probably don't have that many pockets oh yeah oh yeah that's like that's like 20 pounds worth of explosives right there I should definitely work out oh professional clearly oh here we go it's a good toss Nate tossing technique over the over the head nice and want it go there but that definitely works I gotta get this guy over here everybody else will be easy alright wise God cooking it just in case I need any more explosives holy crap a blast radius on these are crazy and pretty sure they got everybody even the guy in the back corner there was probably killed the guys upstairs too blast radius on these are ridiculous I mean it is a grenade it's gonna have a hell of a blast radius but it's going upstairs and killing people they might want to fix that that's a little too easy I mean oops

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  1. Good job on the vid man. u got a new sub and a like. also try to talk a little louder it's hard to understand what u r saying.

  2. oh small tip,when you are climbing the pipe on the side you didnt have to teleport off it you can grab on the ledge and it hangs you off the edge just so you know

  3. you missed one so if it was irl u would be dead he was behind you in the 1 room by the stairs that is right next to the door that leads out side the first time

  4. Hey if you guys don't mind letting me know why some of you don't like my video. I'm getting a fair amount of thumbs down. Just trying to figure out why so i can adjust my content.

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