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  1. I ordered your plans mostly to help support you . I have MasterCam software but it want open skp files. Can you supply them in dxf files. That is a more generic file. And where can i find a skp file viewer?

  2. Wow, great ingenuity. None of the commercial Biesemeyer fences have a roller bearing. The half nut and threaded rod was brilliant.
    Thx a lot for sharing.

  3. Oh, Man! You design and build great stuff! I got my saw for free with a Beis<whatever> already on it but I think your design is better! I’m going to meld some of your cool features into mine to improve it. Ha! I’m upgrading my Beis<whatever> to a Schmidt-1000!!! Cheers! 🙂

  4. Jeremy, I want to learn more about your table that has both your routing table and table saw nested inside it. Did you make that yourself? Can you run through all of its functions, how you access the table saw to change blades, etc., and how you built it?

  5. The most technological working I saw. Good luck in future invasions. Sorry for my English)

  6. Excellent job! Do you know of anyone who has attempted this build with a cheap harbor frieght flux core welder instead of your very nice gas shielded miller mig welder?

  7. This looks great but, a lot of us don't have all the tools to do this. So don't sell the plans just sell all the components so we can just bolt it up to our saws. I sure plenty of people would buy them. You would stay busy.

  8. This is one of the most intelligently-designed works I've seen. At the very end I was thinking "no way is that dial indicator going to read even 5 thou" and, well, wow!

    This has 1/16" resolution, right? Or is the idea on the knob with the detent to give you 1/32" increments by shifting the rod half a thread?

  9. Jeremy, can you recall the source of threaded rod that actually had uniform thread spacing of 16 tpi ? I'm not sure whether it was one of your videos or someone else's that illustrated varied (inaccurate) thread spacing, a phenomena I've seen in other allthread. If you know, who sells the good stuff? Thanks.

  10. There is only one other group of people I know, who have as many skills that you have. Farmers. Brilliant practical people. Fabulous video. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Any ideas if one needs to lock the fence down between 1/16ths? I do a lot of custom work and at times when duplicating a piece of wood it just might not land on one of the increments.

  12. I came back to this 'cause I've always had it in the back of my head to build one. I didn't see you calibrate the fence or see a way to do so. You have adjustment screws for the height, but not left/right. Were your welds simply that good?

  13. Hi Jer,
    Just finished my fence. My Dad's old Craftsman tablesaw is 70 years old and he never liked that aluminum fence.
    Great plans, great video. I very much appreciate your taking the time to put it all together.

  14. This is gorgeous and I have a wonderful saw with a terrible fence…how much $$$ do you think you have in materials

  15. Very nice just my opinion I am thinking I would rather just buy a nice table saw than go through all this effort. Most of us don’t have a welder etc. but looks great

  16. Excelente trabajo, conocimiento del tema y todo un desarrollo integral, gracias por compartirlo, al mundo, saludos Jeremy, Felicitaciones.

  17. I had this same idea, but i don't have your tooling (or skills) (…or creative brilliance). I'd pay money to buy this product from Incra, but it doesn't exist. The Incra incremental fence system for a router table is amazing, but the implementation on a table saw leaves some things to be desired in my humble opinion.

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