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  1. hi, would it be a good idea to join the two extendable arms, so you don't have to adjust both of them?

  2. As a person just getting into the fascinating world of woodworking, thank you very much. I only have a job site table saw and always struggle getting the right cut with it. This will help me a ton. Thanks again

  3. I don’t know about everyone’s saw but I happened to have a length of shelf standard when I was looking to make a sled for my Craftsman. They fit perfectly after I filed the pesky tabs off on the badly designed Craftsman.

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  5. first u make the better tools with the tools you got ,then you can build better than what you started with, brilliant.

  6. You could put the same on the other ends, so that if you were switching back and forth between two cuts you could use both ends.

  7. In watching a video about a router table, I thought, this would also work to set up the fence on anything that uses a fence and miter slot.

  8. If you rotate that first jig around 180 degrees, you could use the other edge to index a different distance. That jig he made isnt wide enough, but that's easy to correct. I'd set it up for say, three inches. Then if you made the additional spacers, you could have them be used for both sides as well.

  9. The last jig is perfect for my inexpensive table saw. I was thinking why not make just make one sliding jig. After measuring, lock it in place. Place it at the bottom . . . lock bottom of fence then slide it to top . . . lock it in place. This way it is true (not absolutely) parallel to blade since you might set and lock the second jig off a tad. By the way THANKS FOR THE VIDEO. I've been trying a way to make fence more accurate!

  10. I would like to no how you get your fence to move smooth and keep both ends move even mine you have to pty it loose lol

  11. On the first jig, you could also turn the board over and attach miter slot material at any spacing including a 4" rip.

  12. Your last jig caused me to face palm. Why didn't I think of that!?! The fence on my saw isn't the greatest and I am always double checking my distance at the near and far ends before I cut. Thanks for a terrific idea.

  13. Thank you for showing and Explain it.
    With nice greetings from my Channel.
    Stefan from Umbrella Woodworks

  14. Can someone tell me why the end needs to be rounded over rather than left flat and square. Thank you in advance.

  15. Excellent ideas! I'll be making myself a couple of your setting fingers this weekend. Thanks!

    FWIW my table saw is a Bosch PTS 10 and the fence is a piece of rubbish.

  16. Hi Colin…. Great tips my table saw fence is appalling and they will both be helpful regards Mike

  17. I'm a beginner woodworker and have a question maybe a more seasoned woodworker could answer. The 2nd jig made in the video. Instead of the wood slides could the same be done with a cheap wooden yardstick or even a metal one so measurements would be on the 2 adjustable arms? I done even own a table saw yet but am looking at getting one soon. Always looking for tips

  18. These are great! Truthfully seeing stuff like this makes me glad I have a Dewalt table saw. Even though it's comparatively small, the geared fence system they use is remarkable and my fence is never out of parallel to the slots. It's the one feature I wish more saws had.

  19. I like that second one. What would be cool …. How to fix a crappy fence.

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