10 Replies to “Table Tennis – Attack (MAZE) Vs Defense (CHEN WEIXING) XX !”

  1. I did not get something when in the game the Austria player was wining and the points was 10-9 for Austria and the player of denmark shot the ball out and in the games it should have to be 3-1 for Austria player but in the bored it became 2-2 for both players?!

  2. der beste abwehrspieler der Welt ist Jo Saejuk auf Platz 15 in der Weltrangliste und der war doch immer besser als Chen, oder?

  3. At 17:40 Chen starts beating Maze at his own game, which is aggressive attacking, showing that he's the better overall player (more speed and dexterity than Maze, great defense and attack). Maze plays like a machine, precise and boring. Therefore, Chen is better not only as a player but also as an entertainer, varying attack with defense, aggressiveness with passiveness, adding side-spin to the return and whatnot.

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