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  1. Thx i got it now i can do top spin but can not back spin cuz i can not do back hand yet thx for the help

  2. When I run the table tennis with my friends, they say that if you take the ball before it has landed on the table it becomes the opponent's points, and I know it. But if you take it off the table before it has landed you get points and that I am a bit unsure about.

  3. thanks for the lesson i killed in my tournament last friday …took first because of this video so thanks again

  4. Start practicing your swing without a ball. Just focus on your start position and finish position. Make sure you move from the start to the finish. You can start really slowly until you get the stroke just right. Then you can start to speed up your swing to a normal speed.

    Once you feel comfortable doing this without a ball then you can start practicing a real stroke on the table. Give that a try and let me know if it helps you improve.

  5. When i try to hit Backhand counter hit,i always have a problem with me elbow.My elbow come up,above my shoulder.what do i do to it?

  6. Backhand is okay for me, but the thing that they refer to as forehand is the one that is extremely hard to master. Every shot I hit in forehand goes off, I'm gonna need some serious practising, thank you very much, because I saw your forehand counterhit lessons, that is the video that I was looking for.

  7. @NeXuzMotionzz I'm glad you found the video useful. The best place to ask questions is on our website under "Ask the Coach". We've got a lot more room there to answer your questions and YouTube limits the length of our response. Post this question on our website and we'll definitely answer it for you.

  8. Very helpful. At home I hav a smaller tennis table, brand name is butterfly or something. Is that good for practice or I should use the standard sized table? And also how can I overcome a player who uses low and short forehand counterhits all the time to the point that it becomes like a short hit rally thing if you get what I mean. Thanks.

  9. @MrAdamzu You're welcome. Make sure to check out our website for more Table Tennis videos and information.

  10. I should Master this as well as the backhand push,forehand push and the forehand counterhit if I want to become really good right?

  11. @akfjxla good luck with it. Let me know if you have any questions or even better ask any questions on our website using "Ask the Coach". We check there more often and can answer in more depth.

  12. @MrDon191 Thanks! If you've got any questions about Table Tennis, try out the Ask the Coach section of our website. We love talking about Table Tennis!

  13. @xSnIpEDeViLzZ The key to stopping your opponent attacking is to serve the ball short so that it would bounce twice on the table. This stops your opponent from taking a big swing at the ball. Also try and keep the ball low over the net. The last thing you can do is to put backspin on the ball. The backspin will cause the ball to grip into your opponents rubber and drag the ball downwards again making it harder to attack.

  14. @pingskills Really? Okay, I'll work on it. My "usual" Backhand Counter is to push my paddle forward. Thanks for the suggestion.

  15. @2012wyvern It is OK to turn this stroke into a punch and if you can do that consistently it is great. To hit it slower you simply need to move the bat more slowly. You could even try almost not moving the bat at all and letting the ball hit your bat and just control the angle of your racket.

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