Table Tennis Booster: YES or NO?

Table Tennis Booster: YES or NO?

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  1. 00:45 What is Speed Glue?
    01:21 Why table tennis players use Speed Glue?
    02:37 Is Using Speed Glue Safe?
    05:19 What is table tennis booster?
    07:24 Booster is legal or not?
    08:51 Is Using table tennis booster detectable?
    12:41 Why Chinese players use the booster?
    14:42 How Chinese players use the booster?
    16:52 Is using booster harmful?
    21:42 Should I use booster?

  2. I've just boosted a three nine super 999 T-1. Amazing with Seamon or Lidu. I feel like Kong Linghui with my KLHS blade. Even with plastic ball it's nice to play with.

  3. ALL Chinese pros BOOST their rubber with illegal chemicals. Then they test it, and if it passes the test, they use it. Fact

  4. Your content is great, but I think you need to cite the info that u get, and 1 more thing, no offense, but I think you need to work on your pronunciation. Great work anyway. Thanks for the info.

  5. Organizers should provide standard rackets for players to use. Not only safer but also make the game more interesting. Especially to see Chinese players without all of their tricks in equipment.

  6. You said break the hardness of the rubber physically? What you mean , can i soften the sponge without booster ?
    And thank u for valuable vedios

  7. Hi coach can you do a video regarding ma long vs Timo boll recent match and analysis why ma long lost the game when he had a good start and Timo boll match strategy playing the wide backhand against ma long…. Thank you. Have a good one. Byee

  8. Coach, what should i do to return a lefty's very short serve right into the nearest part of the net on my forehand? I can't push it nor even reach it… i don't know what to do. Please reply

  9. whats the different between hurricane 3 neo the blue sponge and the orange ……………………………………………………………………………… and how to bay the orignal one

  10. Hi coach. What about making a tactic about short or long pimples. This is really my problem. I can't really deal with there a tactic about pimples. Please help!

  11. Coach can you make a video about a tactic of long and short pimples player. I've loss to a competition because my opponent is long pimples and every time I attack , the ball goes to net. Need help!

  12. Coach what is tactic of long and pimples players. This really struggle me this time. Hope you answer

  13. Good video, do you think I should use booster on DHS Hurricane Neo 3? I am very offensive player, or I dont need to. Btw. could you please make a video about where to hit the ball?

  14. I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I hope someone can help me
    I am buying my first blade, and I was thinking for a yasaka sweden extra with DHS 3 hurricane on both sides (red/black).
    Is this right for a beginer/intermediate looping aggressive player? Thank you!

  15. Can someone please help me. Im fairly new at table tennis and have ultimately been player for about a year and just for fun. Before that i have never played table tennis in my life maybe like once or twice.

    So my problem is i dont know how to do a reverse backhand flick or smash, im a penhold player, i know all the basics like serving with backspin sidespin and underspin and would say im decent at serving. Same with smashing i have a lot of forehand power but when i play shakehand (for fun) i can backhand flick and know where the contact point is and the technique but with penhold i just dont know how to do it. Also dont know the Japanese way, so i need some tips for using back hand on penhold. Also im from the UK so penhold is not very common.
    Thank You for any help

  16. I think that it's a misconception that booster will give people more power and spin. You can achieve the same amount of spin and speed with a decent Euro or Japanese rubber and good technique. It might be that the pros have access to much more "boosted" materials but at club level you won't gain an advantage. Better to work on good form. With good form, power and spin come with.

  17. Using to much booster will make the sponge separate from topsheet and bubbles will appear. Also rubber is only part of the story, the blade is responsible for alot of the characteristics of how the bat will respond too.

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