Table Tennis Forehand Topspin Tutorial

Table Tennis Forehand Topspin Tutorial

Welcome to EmRatThich channel. Today is the Sunday 18th December 2016, our
second Ping Sunday. I will talk about “How to Loop correctly
with the Chinese technique”. I’ve visited some table tennis club in France
and Canada. The coach in these clubs doesn’t know to
teach the loop technique correctly. There are players that can’t loop correctly,
consistently even after 2 years of training. The player is ambitious enough to train hard,
but the coach didn’t teach a good technique. I pity to the player. I want to help you to loop / power loop with
the chinese technique. But firstly, I will answer some of your questions. Jean Carlos has asked me. “I’m a modern defensive player. My equipment is DHS Hurricane 3 for the FH,
and the Long pimple TSP Curl p-1r for the BH. Can you tell some tips? Here is my video.” Yes. I will give you a very good tip for a modern
defensive player. When I give someone tips, I want that the
tips should be as simple as possible. As normally, the best tips are the simple
tips. For your Backhand chop, you contact the ball
too high. So your ball is too high and can be easily
attacked. You should wait for the ball to drop lower
and then chop the ball. Now you can add more spin to your chop, and
your returned ball is lower, it's now harder to loop kill your ball. Your timing is not correct. You hit the ball too high, you should wait
for the ball to drop at your hip or lower, and then chop it. Look at the way how Joo Sae Hyuk chops the
ball, very low. As you are the defender. You have time, don't rush. Try to be as consistent as possible. Less error. Wait for the ball. If you chop too high, it's difficult to chop
the ball in the table. As many other players, you don't "fix the
position of the ball". You don't know where you will hit the ball. You hit too soon. "Wait for the ball, fix the position when
you hit the ball". This is the Tips number 4 in my previous video. For your FH, you have the same problem of
timing. Just wait more a half of second, and loop
the ball. Now, your ball's quality is much higher: more
spin, and more consistency, less error. Also, when you loop the ball. Don't loop in front of your body. Always loop at the side of the body: more
power and less error. So take time, wait for the ball, fix the position
where you will hit the ball. These tips will increase your shot's quality. Shintaro Okamoto has commented about: Tenergy
is not the Tensor rubber. Yes, you are right and I know that. Tenergy is High Tension rubber which is different
from the TENSOR rubber of Germany factory. But for simplicity, I put Tenergy next to
the Tensor as everybody uses "tensor rubber" as the keyword search. Lorrenzo asked me to give him a good equipment combo
to stick for a long time. Trookers want to be the best amateur player
and asked me for a good Allround blade. Tamca carbon blade is too fast for him and
he is very happy with the allround blade as the speed is perfect for him. Liem Nguyen shared his story about Chinese
equipment. He changed from PG7 to a faster blade Yinhe
pro. But he found a problem of looping close to
the table. Fast blade does not fit well with chinese
rubber. Stick with a good looping blade. Liem Nguyen also asked for a durable BH rubber. I proposed him the Rakza and the Target Force
rubber. Mm S asked for a hard, direct feeling of chinese
rubber for his powerful FH. I proposed him to buy a cheap chinese rubber
from LKT or 729. DHS rubbers varies from patch to patch, and
have less "old feeling" of chinese rubber. How to loop / loop kill with the Chinese technique? Normally, we are taught in table tennis club
to loop the ball by the "old" technique. That means: turn the forearm back, rotate
around the elbow, follow through above the eyes, like a military salute. So the elbow is the main source of force by
folding the forearm. However, this old technique has 3 disadvantages:
1. By using the elbow as your rotation axis,
you can only loop the ball when the ball is high. You must close the racket to compensate the
high ball. Therefore, you cannot add many spin to the
loop. 2. The force from the elbow and the forearm is
not strong compared to the hip. So it's difficult to loop kill the ball. If you hit hard and the ball is still high,
the ball will mostly go out of the table. 3. This old technique doesn't incorporate the
lower part of the body but just focus on the elbow. After the loop, you don't know how to move
correctly, and then less stable, less consistent in your next shot. The chinese technique is different. The elbow and the forearm should be relax. The main rotation axis is not the elbow, but
it's your hip. You should drop the racket very low, and use
your hip to generate the power. This way you can contact the ball very low. You can also loop kill the ball as you don't
need to close your racket. The chinese philosophy about the loop is not
"how fast you fold your forearm". But Chinese coaches emphasize on "how well
you do the weight transfer". During the loop, you should transfer your
weight from right leg to left leg. This will adds the power and increases the
quality of your shot. Chinese philosophy concentrates on the lower
part of your body. Do you remember my tips in my previous video:
"Use the leg to hit the ball". That's your leg will hit the ball, your forearm
is only a tool to transfer this force. By focusing on your legs, you can move faster,
you are well prepared for your next shot. That's the main reason why Chinese player
always win in the loop – counter loop situation. As they know how to move efficiently and how
to add power to the loop. By seeing this slow motion of Ma Long's loop,
you can see that Ma Long mainly used his hip to loop, his elbow and his forearm is very
close to the body, and he didn't rotate his elbow any more. This is the reason why the FH of Ma Long is
the best of the world. As turning, rotating with your hip is much
faster and stronger than folding your forearm around the elbow. This is the way how Chinese players loop kill
the ball. Drop the racket as low as possible. Move with your legs. Hit the ball at a very low position. Do weight transfer to loop kill the ball. Rotate your hip to hit the ball. This way your ball is very low and very fast. Don't focus on your elbow, focus on your hip
as a main force axis. Liu Guoliang is teaching Xu Xin how to loop
kill the ball. He asks Xu Xin to loop a very low and short
ball. It's a very difficult technique. Xu Xin is amazed by Liu Guoliang's technique. "Who is your daddy?" 🙂
You can see that Liu Guoliang can easily loop the low ball as he contacts the ball very
low and use his lower part to generate the power. In fact, there is no "good" or "bad" technique
as table tennis techniques progress. If your techniques work for you, it's your
good technique. However, if Chinese techniques give you many
more advantages, it's time for you to change your technique. Why not? That's it for today. Hope you enjoy table tennis with coach EmRatThich. The next sunday is 25 December 2016, it's
Christmas ! I wish you a very best Christmas with your family !
See you, coach EmRatThich CREDITS
Author: EmRatThich This video uses the footage of Stiga, Viszpi,
TTLondon2012, ppStation and Calcutta75 SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY !

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  1. Hi coach I am Naresh I am favorite to attack in forehand but some days I cannot hit the ball I know the reason I grown up and I need to hit What can I do sir you give me tip

  2. its a pity that most TT coaches even do not have the least knowledge about rubbers and blades!so the players should have trial and error to get the most proper ones!they need to investigate by themselves on the network to search websites which give the information!

  3. Hello Sir,
    I have been watching your videos for few days and its really amazing, it gives me confidence on my game by watching your videos.. I just need your help to suggest me a good equipment for my game

    1) I'm good at forehand topspin but since I'm using basic GKI KUNGFU rubber I feel difficult all the time.. My seniors suggest me to use TENERGY RUBBER

    2) I used to chop well in backhand, and sometimes I play a descent looping too..

    So can I use

    can you suggest anything for backhand which gives 60% defense & 40% spin Sir. Please

  4. Hi can you please give me a good racquet because my parents dont allow me to buy one for me please im very fond of tabletennis so plz send me

  5. Dear EmRatThich, I am classic defender. Proportion of my game is 80% defence and 20% attack. My equipment is blade – Butterfly Defence Alpha, FH -Tackiness C 1.5 mm BH – Yinhe Neptune OX.
    Here is few of my videos

    I never had a coach. I learned how to play with my elder brother. Please tell me how could I improove my defence, and my game at all?

  6. Coach i am felling to come at your home and give you lots of gifts because you give us such great tt videos for free

  7. Hi! , i started playing for about a year ago and lately ive gotten into a tournament but, im vert nervous that i cant play like usual. do you have any tips for this kind of problem? thanks.

  8. When you say — Look at the player xyz it is sometimes helpful to point who which one of the players is the said player though usually it is the one closer to the camera but is not always the case.

  9. Hi. I cannot looping and topspin when the player chopping. I am using Xiom vega tour blade with both side tenergy 05 2.1. Should i change my equipment? I didn't go to training it means i have no teacher. But i really love playing table tennis. Now i'm 26 years old so maybe it's too late to go table tennis training but i need to know how to play. Anyway thank you so much for the videos i learnt many things from you.

  10. U are a much more better coach than mine in school… I improve with ur tips, not his… And another good national player from Philippines i think?? Hes here but he is always training the seniors not us… Ugh
    Can someone recommended me a good offensive rubber for penhold?

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