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  1. According to Wiki on1997 WTTC, the five team members were (1st match) Kong Ling Hui, (2nd) Liu Guo Liang, (3rd) Wang Tao, Ma Wen Ge, and Ding Song. So Ma Lin was probably a young observer or a cheerleader, maybe? However, after the match here, I can clearly see Ma Lin and Wang Li Qin. Can't work this out but Wiki also shows the same individual record for DS and MWG in that championship.

  2. Chinese table tennis player, though, dominates the curriculum for a relatively long time , the skill level exceed the foreign player not really much in the past days…

  3. such a big different to now… how the sport changed 🙂 very imperessiv
    China is now on another level

  4. 记得当时在电视前看了完整直播。希拉发球很刁钻,手腕的灵活度和爆发力太强了,刘国梁连续吃发球。这个时代的法国队真的很强,盖亭简直是速度和力量的代言。

  5. Comparing the power rankings in the 90's to today, it's not so much that China got better, just rest of the world declined. China just has such a strong infrastructure for training and honing talent that there is almost an endless supply of great players coming through the system. The other countries can compete occasionally if a few talented players come through, but without the underlying infrastructure, they cannot produce sustained excellence that China can.

  6. Time fly, they used to be the best players, now they are famous for coaches. Liu guoliang is chinese men' champion team coach, Kong linghui is women's coach, but Cai is the FOOTBALL'S coach, lmao

  7. long ago, the playing field (rubber + SG) was even. Today, the H3 plus heavy boosting give the edge to the Chinese.

  8. Great to watch table tennis from that time. Liu guoliang is definitely untalented.
    This chinese team is less strong than the team of today, and the french team is really strong especially Gatien.

  9. At 32:46 the guy who wears a blue & black tracksuit and sits next to Chinese coach is Ma Lin. He was 17 years old at that time. I'm wondering what he was doing there.

  10. What an era! When the chinese actually had to fight hard and weren't totally dominating the rest of the world yet. great matches! Nice to see Liu Guoliang in his prime and of course Gatien.

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