Table Tennis Fundamental Skills: Backhand Loop Against Backspin

Table Tennis Fundamental Skills: Backhand Loop Against Backspin

25 Replies to “Table Tennis Fundamental Skills: Backhand Loop Against Backspin”

  1. Hi Couch, thanks very much for sharing this, as usual always great videos! I Play as Japanese Penhold Syle, can you please suggest any good video that i can improve Backhand Skills? Tks

  2. Hi Coach,
    You said that we should topin the long balls.
    Why did she push the third ball instead of topin it ?

  3. Hi ERT Coach, Would you made tutorial videos about pushing (FH, BH) for the short, long, no spin, top spin, back spin balls? thanks

  4. Hi emratich, i cant pass many balls on the table like the chinese players. I always sliw and try to make powerful shits without waiting and enter the ball to the table. You have something to say that could help me ? Thanks anyway!

  5. can the axis of the albow be compared to the axis in the pendulume serve? The only difference being that the backhand topspin is inverted to produce that topspin effect?

  6. Hi Admin, it is not 45 degree for the bat angle. Please have a closer look the "final" angle of the bat when it is contacted with the ball. Unless the backspin ball is higher than the one in the video. Thanks

  7. Can you make a vídeo with explanation how to do backhand with short pimples against underspin and topspin?

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