Table Tennis : How to Play Table Tennis, Including Strokes

Table Tennis : How to Play Table Tennis, Including Strokes

hi I'm Ellie from Gilbert Table Tennis Center and today I would like to tell you about how to play table tennis including strokes so basically if you'd like to play table tennis and you like to play successfully so you would like to stay a little bit lower to the ground so in your athletic position try to bend your knees and you're going to start point with a service so you have to serve the ball like this and then when you open and through turns the ball so everybody hits once so we'll look like this so right now Bella and I were using the under spin strokes so we're staying with it back backspin stroke right now on the back spin style so in this stroke you would like to pay attention that you brush in the ball through very lightly and the ball is leaving your racket with under spin then on the forehand forehand under spin stroke would look like this so here you would like to focus on brushing the ball through again very lightly try to keep the ball very low above the net so you don't want to hit the ball too high like this okay very low then you would like to move your feet as you play that's very important try to stay on the bent knees keep your body weight off the hill so you don't want to stay on the hills okay the next stroke would be backhand drive that would be the topspin stroke in this stroke this is much more offensive stroke than they understand and it's a very very wide use stroke the same idea we have it on the forehand side looks like this very offensive stroke as well and ballet my right now going to perform just a point when we play anywhere on the table and that's how the point will look in the game moving your feet and watching the ball all the time very helpful and the game will go until 11 points and the person who scores 11 points is winning the game unless it's 1010 then it's deuce and you have to be apart by two points either 12 10 or 13 11 14 12 and so on and the mattress goes matches usually played best of 7 a best of five so if you play in best of 5 you have to win 3 3 games 3 0 3 1 2 3 2 and if it's best of 7 then you have to win 4 games 4 0 4 1 4 2 4 3 Anna Mae Lee from Gilbert Table Tennis Center and today I showed you how to play table tennis including strokes thanks for watching

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  1. I'm use to football and hockey and stuff so when I play table tennis when I tap it , it just goes flying towards North Korea how the hell do I fix that?

  2. This is unhelpful like shit. I play table tennis 3 days after school every week and people saying this is easy, there are so many more things and movements you should learn. Just write table tennis china and you will understand basically

  3. 0.20 That moment when you see a table tennis racquet/paddle/bat/thing for the first time and think β€œwhat the hell is this?”

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