42 Replies to “Table Tennis : How to Serve a Ping Pong Ball”

  1. I'm about to enter a ping pong tournament and I have this feeling that I'll be explaining this to everybody

  2. I don't play in clubs or anything.. but I'm really not liking the palm and ball toss thing lol, think I'll just do it a more natral way how people usually do it.

  3. This is a great resource for beginners. I have shown it to the group I am teaching and they understood it much better than just reading the rules. Thanks!

  4. Nice lads I bet that's why she did this video so you'd live out your fantasies thru table tennis.

  5. Also point of contact with the ball must not be covered by any part of your body. It's all nice theoretically but even world class players don't throw the ball straight up (e.g. Wang Hao, Xu Xin, Emmanuel Lebesson, etc). The umpires who makes a fuss about it get boo'ed by the the audience. Some umpires don't care anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm a rule adherent myself but sometimes the line between a legal and an illegal serve is not that clear.

  6. you are right Matthew. folks who swear they are good but serve illegal piss me off too. it's like they can only compete against you by serving illegally. my advice to those who love the game, serve legally and insist on getting a legal serve from your opponent. the sport has fallen into disrepute when most clubs and the ittf are not enforcing the rules of a legal serve.

  7. It's people who don't follow these rules that piss me off. especially when it is only a casual game with someone you just met and they think they are better than you.

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