Table Tennis Lessons: Backhand Topspin Technique

Table Tennis Lessons: Backhand Topspin Technique

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  1. Coach you didn't say anything about the free arm. Shouldn't we get forearm up? Because every pro's free arm is up. I think it's an important part for balance and its making easy to turn torso when we hit the ball. Am I wrong? Turning a bit torso is increasing power right? Please correct if I'm wrong and explain the mechanism. ☺

  2. My coach tells about circular motion of this shot, but is it more oval in nature (from back to forward), thank you. It is a very elusive motion and I can't get it!

  3. Hello from Brazil!
    Coach, i don't understand the part about keep the elbow in center of the body. Can you explain me?

  4. Hi EmRatThich!
    I love your videos and they really help me!
    I am trying to get into the school table tennis team and I have been considered. However, in April, they have decided to run a year group competition. I am struggling with my service and defensive play. Please can you give me tips or make a video on how to improve this two aspects of my game. I am a right handed attacking player.
    Thanks for your videos!

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