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  1. I serve with fore hand after that I only use back hand that also … Backhand back spin …. I know how to use back hand top spin and fore hand styles but automatically I use backhand back spin by itself..my point is that I never used top spin and fore hand.. it's my habbit…tell me how to used all.

  2. Hey! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the nice yuotube video you will have here on this post. I will be coming again to your vid for extra soon.

  3. It would be helpful if you talked about WHY and WHEN you would use certain spins. And how are we to hold the paddle? How does it change between forehand and backhand. Maybe that's in another video…Thanks!

  4. Silly little boys.  Elie Z.  was the # 1 rated woman player in Kazakhstan.  Unless you have some MAD skills,  you're not gonna win a single game against her.

  5. Excellent techniques. Bad strategy. If you're observant, you will notice she holds the paddle differently for each of the 4 strokes. How do you switch from one to another?

    Doesn't anybody watch The Karate Kid? Mr. Miyagi asks Danielsan to show him: wax on wax off, paint the house, paint the fence, sand the floor. Then he throws a RANDOM combination.

    4 shots, that's 4! = 24 combinations. I would be impressed if she flips a coin for forehand or left hand, then flip a coin for top spin or under spin, and does it 4 times. I would have loved to see that combination, how you change from one to another.

  6. Thanks for upload this video, it help me a lot because i'm a new playing and I like to develop the skill to shot in the right way.

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  8. a word that describes this video is AMAZING and this can help me improve my table tennis skills by a ton!

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