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  1. Hi can u make one video what happens when u just touch a back spin serve ? u showed what happens when u touch a side spin serve.

  2. In ping pong whether at home, in the club or in the big tournaments point is gained 85% somewhere between the serve and serve return. This can be boring sometimes.

  3. Great video, but I have a problem to read moves of serving guy properly because he is left handed. Do you have similar vid with right handed guy?

  4. My weakest point in table tennis is the service return. I'm able to bring the ball back IF I know what kind of effect the ball contains, but when someone uses to different services with different types of spin, but that look a like, I can't recognize the type of spin, because it goes to fast.
    If I lose a game, it's most time because of this kind of services.

  5. Yes it was available for one day fe month earlier, I wanted to make some changes in it but I didn't have time to do that.

  6. I do not understand, why everybody keeps asking about blades and rubbers if they are not playing seriously??? Professionals should worry about that stuff)))) I play couple times a week just for fun with my mate, and I can can do all these serves with the "dunlop" bat for £2.50 from sportsworld.))) Great vid Viszpi !!!

  7. Még csak egy 4 éve játszom, abból is kb az utóbbi 2 év volt, ami viszonylag normálisabbnak nevezhető edzések terén.
    Amúgy nincs mit, ha lesz rá időm és összejön nyáron egy kommentáros videót is összedobunk majd, mert egy csomóan kérdeztek a mozdulatról, stb…

  8. Köszi Viszpi, lehet egy kérdésem ? Mióta ping-pongozol ? Látszik, hogy nem egyszerű hobbyként űzöd… 😀 Köszi a vidit még egyszer legalább esik nekem is a nagyok tudásából ! 😀

  9. If you just considering starting "normal" table tennis you should go with an ALL+/OFF- blade with sriver FX/EL or mark V 1.7 on BH 1.9 on FH.
    Any normal blade will do it, i.e. stiga allround classis, gruba all+, schlager inspire off-, primorac off-, etc…
    Try geting a used well keeped blade or even rubbers too, you can save almost half the price…

  10. I see. Can you recommend me blade and rubbers to use? I dont really know much about table tennis in terms of rackets. I am not one serious player but I do play few times a week. I know all the strokes like forehand/backhand topspin etc. Is Butterfly Grubba Carbon / Primorac Blade with Yasaka Mark V / Sriver rubbers a good choice? It may be a very costly price for a player who dont really train but just plays casually. If you have cheaper one I will be glad if you can state.

  11. All of them :D, the more you can serve the better it is. However it's better to know a few good serves and vary them rather then have a dozen weak serves…

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