12 Replies to “Table Tennis Service Fundamentals: How To Serve Like A Pro!”

  1. Good video but I'm not sure I will pass with the strategy part because it's hard to give back the ball when other players decept me

  2. Incredible video. I learned so much, can't wait to start testing out these techniques. Thank you so much

    Much love from Canada

  3. Your guy is making 100% illegal serves, you can only toss the ball from an open hand, in the palm of your hand, and have a 15% angle diversion of your throw, we clearly see this guy throws his toss towards his body waaaaaay over 15% angle from the toss,everything you say is illegal, it sadly is allowed, but you teach ppl bad things!

  4. This is not the true voice of table tennis university! Sorry, couldn't listen to your voice, no offence.

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