Table Tennis Table Buyers Guide

Table Tennis Table Buyers Guide

hi there I'm Andy welcome to our table tennis table buyer's guide in this video I'm going to take you through both indoor and outdoor tables would explain all the key features you need to know and understand to be able to choose the right table and will also be able to give you recommendations for the models that we suggest in three key price points that's economy mid-range and premium so keep watching and we'll make sure that you pick the right table for you and your family okay so let's start off with the outdoor tables the same principles apply to the indoor ones which we'll cover later on there are three key things to consider firstly the thickness of the playing surface next the strength of the frame based upon your use and finally what key features would be useful for you the playing surface is made of either plywood or melamine plywood is between 10 to 12 millimeters thick on the cheaper models and up to 18 millimeters on the more expensive ones melamine is very hard-wearing and ideal for outdoor use it ranges from three point five millimeters which is a little too thin to give a good bounce five millimeters really is the ideal thickness to look for younger players can struggle to return the ball if the bounce isn't sufficient the higher end tables have six or seven millimeters which will give you the best game but obviously will cost you more so when choosing your table always check for the playing surface thickness this is what affects how well the table plays the thicker the better next consider the strength of the frame the thick of the frame the better support of the playing surface will be but also will enable the table to withstand the rigors of being played with and also being wheeled about and stored away once again the more you spend the stronger the frame will be the third point to consider are the features that you'd like to have on your new table these range from net adjustments such as the net tension or the height of the net two safety features such as corner protectors to stop anybody hurting themselves on the corner of the table keeping everything neat and tidy can be important to stop pieces being lost so convenience storage built into the table for the bats and balls maybe something that you'd like to look for brakes on the wheels can prove very useful stopping the table moving during a competitive game and also whilst the table is being stored away adjustable legs may prove handy should the ground not be entirely level all the tables we sell a nice and easy to fold up and store away but you may wish to consider the size of it when folded particularly if you need to store more than one table all of our outdoor tables come supplied with a cover a bit like a huge sock that goes over the folded table it's important to always cover the table when not in use and also make sure that it's stored away in a way that it won't be blown over and damaged either the table or your property as you can see they're easy to set up by popping the safety buttons on each side for each half of the table and then lowering each side until it clicks into place all our foldaway tables operate in a similar fashion to this one on most models it's possible to leave one half of the table upright in what's called the playback position so you can get some practice if there's no one else available for a game okay so onto a few recommendations of our most popular tables from the leading manufacturers first of all at the economy end of the market we have the butterfly compact which has a 12 millimeter thick resin treated plywood playing surface its main advantage is that it folds up to just 3 inches thin plus it has a couple of small wheels at the bottom for moving it's about our favorite model in this price own is the cournot sport one it's safe and very easy to erect has a four millimeter thick playing surface and as a host of useful features such as the leg levelers plus it has an excellent 10 year guarantee on the tabletop next in our recommendations come the mid-range models first for you to consider is the best selling model in the corner low range the 300s which has a 5 millimeter thick playing surface it's incredibly well-made very sturdy and easy to maneuver and setup it has the DSi safety locking system and as such is one of the safest tables on the market the 300s has an adjustable net for both tension and height the double wheels make it easy to move even on thick grass plus it as a brake to keep it in place either when in play or when it's stored away next for you to consider is the butterfly outdoor playback roll away it also has a 5 millimeter thick melamine resin playing surface with the plastic coated square tube undercarriage the playback roller way has a fixed net so you don't have the faff of taking it off when putting it away off the plate all the butterfly tables are available on next day delivery if order before 1030 good news if you're in a hurry so now we're on to the top of the range premiere models our first recommendation is the core low Sport 500m this is at the top end of the corn low range and comes with a 10-year guarantee on the playing surface and is designed to stay outdoors all year round it has a super strong subframe along with a fantastic seven millimeter thick playing surface to give you a great bounce plus it has a matte top coating which reduces some reflections by 10 times loaded with handy features it has color protectors and covered bat holders along with ball storage the double wheels with brakes again make it easy to maneuver even on tricky terrain and it takes a little space to store away being only thirty inches thick a photo pick from the outdoor models is the butterfly ultimate it's at the very top end and is popular with schools and campsites the ultimate has a super thick 18 millimeter playing surface made from high resilience weatherproof wood the special long-life galvanized undercarriage and permanent net means you can leave outdoors all year round you can also bolt the frame down should you need to now it's time to take a look at the indoor models although if your intended location is a conservatory or a garage that could be damp we recommend choosing an outdoor model once again the three key points apply most important is the thickness of the playing surface then the strength of the frame and finally are there any key features that you think you'd like the Thicke is playing surface is 25 millimeters and is used in competitions and tournaments in the middle you have 22 millimeters thick and even the entry level models come with an extra 90 millimeter thick playing surface just like the outdoor tables they can be set into the playback position when folded up some levels allow the net to stay in place saving and messing about putting it on and taking it off again they are easy to fold up and take up minimal space once rolled out of the way okay so now looking at the economy end we have the butterfly full-size tabletop it's 90 millimeters thick and sits on top of a suitable table or pool table it comes with the net bats and balls but bear in mind it is nine foot by five foot in size so make sure you have enough space to allow at least three foot of playing space around the edges if that does prove to be too big for your space the butterfly junior is a great way to get your ping-pong fix indoors as it's 3/4 size the playing surface is a respectable 12 millimeters thick and it comes with bats balls and net and post set it's really easy to fold up and store away coming with small wheels on the bottom making it easy to roll into place and back away again plus it's only three inches wide when stored back to back so now on to the mid-range indoor tables first of all we have the butterfly easy fall which has a 90 millimeter thick playing surface and strong steel frame it comes in two halves which fold up and store away separately the table comes with a clip net and post set for bats and six balls and is covered by a three year guarantee an alternative choice is the corn low support 250 it also has a 19 millimeter thick playing surface but as a fixed net and poster set and folds away easily using the DSi safety system as storage for bats balls and also has a three year guarantee okay so finally onto the premium endure recommendations first we have the corn low competition 540 which is approved by the ITTF and has a 22 millimeter thick playing surface again it folds up really easily and has brakes on the wheels and then we have the fantastic butterfly Europa 25 which is the official table of the et ta Grand Prix and is used in over 100 competitions in England each year it has a 25 mil thick playing surface super strong metal subframe and eight wooden legs if you'd like a serious table for serious use then this is the one okay so now for a few final points all our full-size tables come with free fast pre-booked two-man delivery if you're in a hurry then we can offer the butterfly tables on a next day service for a small extra charge when ordered before 10:30 a.m. most tables come part assembled but if you don't want to lift a finger we offer an installation service on the corner low models with huge stocks of table tennis tables available virtually everything is in stock at all times and lastly every table we sell comes with free accessories with all tables over to the pounds coming with four bats and six balls plus a weatherproof cover for their outdoor fold away models okay so I hope you found our buyer's guide useful if you're looking for more information that's absolutely stacks of it on our website there's full details on all the tables and lots and lots of product videos as well if you'd like some advice then pop down to our bristol showroom we've got loads of tables here for you to try out or we can give our friendly team a phone call they give you all the expert advice they need over the phone and help you choose the right model for you thanks very much for watching

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  1. Now i'm looking for a budget one. Which one will you choose between 4mm STIGA WINNER OUTDOOR and 6mm ANDRO OUTSIDE COMPACT?

  2. Okay, so in other words, buy a Butterfly or Cornilleau – because those are the companies you have a trade deal with. Better not mention the fact Dunlop 22mm tables (available from Sports Direct in the UK) are the best value on the market then, or you might get cross with me.

  3. Frame is plastic coated steel tubing… not the best for outdoor use. Look for aluminium top and framework…

  4. i really like the desine and all but from pk price range nothing is less then 39000 rupees and that price is too high i recently bought it for 12000 rupees but same thing i dont mind buying it up to 20000 but 39000 is too much cant there be a cheap yet good quality one

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