15 Replies to “Table Tennis Training's Kids of China”

  1. The coach asked his players to hit the ball fast but consistent. He counted "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …". They train with only 1 ball. He also held a small baton to show the error of the kids.

    Only in China.

  2. Em rat Thich:
    For your Project from the previous video.
    I found some information:
    Michael Maze:
    Ma Long:
    Ma Lin:
    Wang Hao
    Wang Liqin:

    Just search up "ITTF Rankings 2012" or whatever


  3. The baton 🙂
    At my age, I WISH my trainer had a baton to give me a little crack whenever I did something real bad so that I will learn faster and try hard never to repeat the mistake.
    Discipline is the only difference between millions of really talented kids and world champions.

    People have become too soft

  4. Hello coach, I wanted to ask if it was possible to put French subtitles because I like your work very much but my level in English does not allow me to understand everything you say,see you!

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