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  1. If it was a real game all the opponent would have to do is hardly hit the ball and he wouldn't be fast enough to get back to the table ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. @firendable
    i found it and i answer it k??
    and that 0:28 u r talking about, everyone know he could do it. but they just wanted to make a……….show! LOL

  3. @98nfsmw98 Actually, although they may be in a real match, the commentator said "ta men shi biao yian" which means they are having an exhibition (probably for just that point). so they are putting on a show for the fans just to liven it up a bit. ( im not sure, but i think one person was wildly ahead at one point.)

  4. @superfail80 this was an exhibition for the fans. the pros often throw a point like this in just to make it interesting for the fans. LONG LIVE TABLE TENNIS!

  5. @20013642ful Because they are both putting a heavy amount of spin on that ball, if they want to return it they have to put the same amount of spin, and the same type of spin on that ball or else it will just go flying out.
    And no its not just because they're having some fun before the game starts – it is a real match, not a prep. Besides you can hear the commentator.

  6. @WeedleOnFire if u try smash it to the other side u will definitely miss because the ball is spinning .. ))

  7. haha i cant believe no one knew that this was a competition of lasting forever with ur partner ..use to like this show when i was 12

  8. @FreakStyleNoStyle yup. this is a rare but really cool thing. When a point is lost sometimes the opponents put on a show. For all those people who didn't really catch it.

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