26 Replies to “Table Tennis Tutorial: Forehand Pendulum Serve”

  1. Her serve is not spinny enough. Too much arm movement and too little force from the wrist to accelerate the spin.

  2. This serve is amazing. I am a 1700 rated player. I practiced this serve for a bit and sometimes 2500s cannot read the spin because of so many variations in the spin. Thanks coach EmRatThich. You're the best!

  3. On a different topic related to serving, Can anyone translate the key points of which foot to use when finishing the serve ? http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjY5NTA1MTg2MA==.html

  4. Question: So what is the serve when you start on the side of the ball and go from left to right on the paddle in the same

  5. Merci Coach 🙂 ! What's the meaning of EmRatThich ? (sorry if you already have answered this question )

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