Tae Kwon Do Kata's all 10

Tae Kwon Do Kata's all 10

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  1. TKD ITF Tuls. Master demonstrating the power and accuracy is as it should be. The directness and snap from his technique is inspiring. I've seen odd patterns from other associations, too much dipping and winding.

  2. Grand Master Hee ll Cho train my Master thank GOD that I learned from the Best of the Best GODBLESS you always our Grand Master Hee ll ChoπŸ™β€οΈ

  3. My master taught me all these traditional forms but our technique is somewhat different and a few moves are changed here and there. This man is incredible!! I am loving learning the history behind each individual kata.

  4. Master Hee, Il-Cho is a true legend.
    For me one of the great grandmasters!

    Over 35 years ago, I also had to learn the classic ITF forms.

  5. This is neither Kata nor Tul. This is Hyong. But there are a few weird looking hand techniques in there, that my master taught me differently.

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